AvP2 Gold25 Mod

If you have this file, then this mod has all the sounds from my Bloody Tears Sound Pack 22C and a few more addititions I made from my...


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If you have this file, then this mod has all the sounds from my Bloody Tears Sound Pack 22C and a few more addititions I made from my site. Enjoy.

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Download 'avp2_gold_25_mod.zip' (18.57MB)

--------AvP2 Gold25 Mod-------------

Author: .'.AcidGlow.'.
Email: acidglow AT hotmail DOT com
Mod Website: http://mods.moddb.com/1428/
Homepage: http://acidglow.avp2mods.com

2.5 changes

- Sadar rockets emit no light sources now
- Shoulder cannon does not lock on and has no visible red dot (stealth weapon now)
- All taunt distances have been reveretd to normal to see if that helps some lag issues
- Speargun primary reloads after 4 shots
- Grenade Launcher Pipe Rounds damage went down a bit and radius and reloads after 2 and duration while burnt is up a bit
- Proxy flame rounds last and hurt a tad longer
- Reverted all blood settings to normal
- Decreased Cannon trails
- Returned Energy Sifter to normal speed
- Supposedly fixed the Nuke bug that made ppl see alien auras on their screen after killed by a nuke many times
- Ailen Queen can no longer jump at all and can have limb loss
- Exosuits are facehuggable
- New MENU Music from Predator movies


- Blood effects, flares, particles have been reduced alot to see it that can fix the phantom/lag issued encountered before, these changes also help the game run smoother since there are less effects in certain weapons.
- You may not use any of my mods into your mods without asking me.--

*******************Normal changes****************************

- Pulse Rifle bullets do more damage and lose bleeding effect
- Speargun Primary fire reloads after 7 shots
- Grenade pipe rounds reload after 3 shots
- Runner and drone speeds changed
- Praetorian crouch leaps higher
- Pules nade damage uped but still lower radius
- New menus
- Railgun holds 15 rounds now and reloads every 5
- Speargun rate of fire reverted back to normal
- Nuke blast radius lowered by 20% and can only carry 2 at once
- Nuke light source lowered to 0 now
- Proxy mines do less damage but burn for alot longer now.
- Added 4 alien skins from Nemarsde
- Tweaked certain settings to help the lag
- Knife now swings 3 times faster but it's a random thing.. I dont know why, so dont ask. Helps get out of nets quicker.
- All preds run equal speed,higher crouch jump, forwrd leaps to catch humans
-  Runner, Drone run faster while crouched. Helps make them smaller targets
- Shoulder Cannon does not turn, locks on, and shoots in a straight line and does not decloak
- Pred pistol primary shuts off marine gear for 20 seconds, making them blind
- Combistick is stronger and always double swing on primar fire
- Wristblades are stronger and always do double swing on primary fire
- Netgun got a 10% speed increase
- All aliens have a further forward leap now
- Alien claws and tail are stronger and drain ppl's life away as they bleed
- Disc no longer tracks, or locks on. Needs manual aim and does 2000 damage and travels faster
- All taunts can be heard across the map
- Aliens receive more health from eating dead bodies
- Pistol AP rounds, shotgun slug rounds, pulse rifle rounds all make ppl bleed slowly to lose life
- Dual Pistols are inserted each holding 12 shot clips making it 24 in total
- Shotgun rate of fire is increased
- Pulse Rifle nade blast area reduced a tad and damage was reduced by 20%
- Nade launcher has diff effects now.
- Pipe nades shoot in an arc and explode having a flame effect that burns
- Proxy mines explode with flame round bursts with a longer burn timer
- Emps just uncloak preds and humans leaving them with no energy, useless on aliens
- Spidermines have an EMP effect on preds and human gear
- Minigun has no spin up delay, 2 times the firepower now, no secondary fire and eats up ammo about 8 times faster
- Railgun has reduced damage, slower rate of fire
- Rocket launcher: secondary fire has no turning rockets, they act like normal rockets just.. with the tracking 
ability to find motionless preds
- Primary fire are Nukes
- No More Stuns
- Shoulder Cannon Loses all its trail effects. Got a 5% speed increase from 21 mod. Now it's more of a stealth weapon
- Finally got the Nuke FX to be huge to match its blast radius
- Praetorian gets a higher crouch jump to help him out
- Added a new sniper scope


- Added my own Dark Pred skins pack
- Added my own crosshair for preds
- New Sniper Scope from Nemarsde
- Alien skin pack from Nemarsde
- Added my cloak 1  FXchanges to pred cloaking on
- Added my Bright Blood changes on humans and preds
- Added my Clear Menu changes eliminating the 2 planets on the main menu
- Added my new loading bar *Time to Die*
- Added my server control icon
- Added my marine crosshair
- Added my H-Marine weapon skins
- Added my Bloody Tears HUD for preds
- Added my marine Special Forces Motion Tracker
- Added my Alien health bars


- AXP Team for some sounds
- AXP Quad Damage for letting me use his Nuke BLAST FX

Visit their AXP mod site here: www.wallshadows.com

- [Alpha]Infamous Andy for the help he gave me to learn simple modding

Visit Andy's site here: http://www.planetavp.com/avp2se/index.htm

- Some sounds were taken from Apha Sound pack. I think Drone sounds were used, I can't recall.
- Nemarsde for his new sniper scope he made for me and for 4 alien skin sets I borrowed from his Total War mod.
- Rebelllion for their AvP Gold menus
- Fiend for his Dual Pistols he lent me from his KAZEMOD
- Some Sounds were taken from AvP2 and Primal Hunt


- Place the avp2gold25.rez file in your avp2 folder
- Launch avp2 and click Options tab
- Check the box that says "always specify these command lines"; command line is:	-rez avp2gold25.rez


- Place the avp2gold25.rez file in your avp2/Custom folder
- Launch avp2 and click Options tab
- Check the box that says "always specify these command lines"; command line is:	-rez custom/avp2gold25.rez

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