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AvP2 Patch Mod

avp2_patch_mod_v4.rar —


This mod was a continuation off my AvP2 Gold25 but, when the mod was complete, it was no longer similar to Gold 25's game style. Thus, it has its own name.

My AvP2 Patch Mod has eliminated the following exploits/bugs:

- Stagger pulse fire (increases the rate of fire on pulse bullets) - Rapid Railgun(increases the rate of fire, very deadly in close range) - Predator speed hop (makes preds hop as fast as a light pred runs) - Runner bunny hopping (runners that hop non stop give out more phantoms and warp more)

And onto the gameplay changes.

All species are slowed down. The setup is like this:

- Humans: slowest speed but decent and potent weapons. - Preds: a tad faster then humans, not by much but decent for melee but still slower then avp2. - The preds can jump about 10% higher in crouch leaps - Aliens: Some are faster on all 4's, they leap a bit further aswell



-- AvP2 Patch Mod -- version4
acidglow AT hotmail DOT com

Note: You may not use any of my mods into your mods without asking
me first for permission.

- move the patchmod folder i made to your aliens vs predator2 folder
- load avp2.exe and hit OPTIONS NOT PLAY!
- check the box next to "always specify these commands"
- type this code WITH the dash symbol       -rez patchmod
- Click OK and play.

both the host and server need the same files to connect with this mod.


[Alpha]Infamous Andy for his pulse rifle and railgun model fixes for exploits.

Members from the SOL clan for helping me beta test my new mod.
Tyrael, Solidus, BlackCore, Valdez, Kriptonite

Sploogey from the Dark Predators clan for assisting in the beta test.

[AXP]Quad-Damage of AXP mod team for letting me use the nuke blast FX 
from Lethal Tournament mod.

-------------Version 4 Changes-------------------

- Lowered queen speed
- Praetorian has more health
- heavy weapons ppl move 30% faster for walking speed then other versions
- Tail whip range slightly higher then spear and level 2 will also stun a human
- Alien ladder speed reduced
- Pounce range adjusted for balance
- Runner and drone speeds adjusted for balance
- Praetorian has a smaller speed boost


Tail whip charge 1- stuns humans only and decreses their life slowly over time for a little while.
Tail whip charge 2- stuns but stronger
Tail whip charge 3- very strong hit and decreses the victoms life even faster over time. They need
to heal to stop the bleeding effect. Tail is also a bit longer in range

Pounce still stuns humans only not predators

Feeding off corpses gives you health faster

Runners have their normal hop disabled, they can only hop by crouch leap. This stops the nonstop
bunnies that take advantage of the poor netcode in this engine to get more phantoms when ppl hit them.


Can be stunned by aliens only. Humans have their normal jump disabled to stop bunny hoppers.
You can only jump by doing a crouch leap, and that alone will have a resting period aswell.

Pistol AP rounds hurt more and bleed over time.

Pulse rifle rounds hurt a tad more and the pulse nades have lower damage and a smaller blast
radius to make it harder to nail ppl with it.

Minigun has double the damage, no spin up delay upon firing (only delays the spin down 
when you release fire). It also makes you move extremely slow. A weapon this powerful isn't made
for running and gunning.

Nuke (SADAR)- Primary fire has 1 nuke, but has a smaller radius then Gold25 mod and must be
picked up by an ammo box. Takes 2 ammo to fire 1 nuke and you can only hold 1 nuke at a time.
Secondary fire has tracking but the rockets no longer turn 180 degrees.

Railgun- 300 damage, takes 2 shots to kill things now (on most things). Reloads after 4 shots 
and starts with 8 ammo and max is 12.

Grenade Launcher- All types reload after 1 shot with a slower reloading animation and.
Pipe rounds- start off with 2 and max amo of 4. They arc and explode with decent damage and
they burn targets over time.

Proxy nades- Small blast damage but longer burn effect

EMPs- Larger blast radius and mainly used to disable electronic gear and energy on predators for 
a very long time.

Spider nades- decent blast radius and damage along with a long time that disabled electronic gear
and predator energy.

Smartgun- Unchanged, you only move slower when holding it.


Spear-lowered the range on it but it got a tiny damage increase

Speargun- 3 shots max on primary fire. Each shot reloads after 1 shot and they stun humans only
for a short time. Stun then (do whatever you want to them) Does not decloak.
Secondary fire has only 1 shot which does 300 damage and decloaks you. Predators have the edge 
with this vs a sniper since we are cloaked but you better make that 1 shot count.

Shoulder cannon- no blast radius worth using. It does not decloak, has no visible laser on 
the helmet, the bolt travels faster and kills almost anything in 1 direct hit. It does not
lock on or track. This is a completely stealthy, manual used weapon vs humans. The bolt however
creats a blue light source as it travels. The rate of fire is slowed down aswell to reduce spam.

Netgun- max 3 shots and they travel faster a bit.

Disc- Non decloaking, no lock on or tracking. Just a manual shot disc that travels a tad faster
that kills in 1 hit on just about anything.

Remote Bombs- 1 max and it will decloak the pred. Make it count.

Predator Pistol- Primary fire does little to no damage on any species so it's useless to spam
if you try to kill with it. Its primary fire has a slightly larger blast radius and it is used
vs humans or preds. It will disable electronic gear and pred energy for about 30-40 realtime 
seconds. A very useful weapon vs heavy weapon players. Blind them, then sneak up on them as their
motion tracker is disabled.

                                         Final Notes

This mod is setup for a slower gameplay with less spam and the elimination of exploits.
Yes I know preds are slower and humans are even slower, but the weapns themselves have been
modified so you can't really spam easy kill weapons over and over so easily.

The mod itself turned out just how I wanted it to be honest. I actually love the slower gameplay
and all the exploits eliminated. Ppl that think spamming railgun, nades while bunnyhopping won't
have it easy here. Nor will plasma spamming predator players. The mod itself takes more tactical
use to play. Sure you can camp and spam the cannon, but can you actually aim at the target now?
Camping with speargun is practically eliminated. The 3 ammo and constant reloading will leave 
speargunnners to nail ppl with more aim and run around for ammo constantly. The Predator pistol
is practically useless to try to kill with. It's only good vs human electronic gear.
Learn to use it as I have. The remote bomb and camp strategy is gone also, 1 bomb that decloaks
you, well since humans are a tad slower, you better make that 1 bomb count. A heavy pred may not 
have it so easy vs heavy weapon humans. Try to use the *tools* like pred pistol and speargun on
them. Have fun.


Humans vs Preds-
Try to use the nade launcher, it's very effective to light preds on fire or to emp them and 
disable their gear. Once you do either one, they aren't that hard to kill. Nade launcher is a 
*tool* now, not just an explosive spam weapon. Use it.
The nuke and minigun are also good vs predators if you can aim well and anticipate their place.

Humans vs Bugs-
Try to stick to the nade launcher if you can. But your low ammo and reloading will make it harder.
In tight maps like leadworks or quar, pull out the minigun to kill things with your new firepower.

Predators vs Humans-
Melee is very fun now with fixed speeds. If you face a Heavy weapons person, try not to run to 
run straight at them. Your slow speed and their high firepower will kill a pred. Best choice
vs heavy weapon humans are a light pred to speargun stun them, then use the cannon to kill them.
Or use the normal or assault pred to use the pred pistol to disable their motion trackers, then 
you can crouch walk to them unnoticed for about 30seconds. (Very good plan) ;)

Predators vs Bugs- 
Practically all your weapons will not be that well vs bugs. Except for netgun 
and melee. Even though bugs are faster have longer reaching tails, your spear does have reduced
range but a small increase in strenth. Best time to melee them is when they pounce at you. Other 
then that, you may not have it so easy.

Bugs vs Humans-
Fighting the heavy weapons players might be tough, but since they now move even slower, you can 
use that to your advantage. Be sure to pounce, then crouch leap to reach them faster. Keep in 
mind that your pounce and charge 1 tail whip still stun humans but not predators. Level 3 charge 
tail just about kills a human, if not, they won't live long enough from the bleeding
to heal 90% of the time.

Bugs vs Predators- 
Use your speed against the predators. You are faster then them all and you have longer tails
and are more agile to outmaneuver a predator. Only thing you have to fear is their melee.
Out maneuver them and you should do fine.

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