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A mod from the well known AvP player InfamousAndy. It completely rebalances the game. The focus of this mod is and always will be gam...


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A mod from the well known AvP player [Alpha]InfamousAndy. It completely rebalances the game. The focus of this mod is and always will be game play as opposed to features. There will be more new features in the future, but only in the interests of making things more fun, more movie-accurate, and more balanced.

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Download 'avp2se2.zip' (1022KB)

*******************************Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Special Edition Mod******************************

-------------------------------------------------Version 2.0--------------------------------------------


				Compatible with version of avp2




Open up Windows Explorer.
Go to your AvP2 folder (default is C:\Program Files\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2\
Create a new folder called Custom.
Put the AvP2SE2.REZ file in this folder.
open up AvP2 from your desktop.
Click on options.
In the box that says command line type in -rez custom\avp2se2.rez

                                       IF USING GAMESPY

Open up and log onto GameSpy arcade.  Right click on the button that takes you to the avp2 chat lobby.
Choose properties.
Choose Advanced options.
Type in -rez cusom\avp2se2.rez


Go to your avp2 folder
Create a new file called customrez.txt
Type the following in:


rez0 = "custom\avp2se2.rez"

This version re-ordered the classes to function with both class on and class off configurations.


					Changes -- Marine


Reordered all class weapon sets, redifined speed settings for all marines, and redefined armor settings
for all marines.  

NOTE:  All marines start with knife and pistol regardless of class.

******************************************Harrison - Specialist*****************************************
Harrison can pick up and use any weapon.  He only starts with pulse however.  He starts with full armor
and can get a maximum of 100.  He is slightly slower than the standard marine.

******************************************Jones - Heavy Weapons*****************************************
This is the tank of the marines.  This guy starts with a rocket launcer and a smartgun.  He can pickup
the minigun.  He is MUCH slower than the standard marine.  He starts with 250 armor with a max of 400.
However, he only has 50 health.

******************************************Johnson - Demolisitionist*************************************
She is the exlosives expert.  She starts with a grenade launcher and a flame thrower.  She can pick up
the rocket launcher.  She has standard health and armor.  She is a little slower than Harrison

******************************************Ichiro - Sniper***********************************************
He is the Scout of the group.  He starts with the shotgun and the sniper rifle with the ability to pick
up a pulse rifle.  While he only starts and maxes out at 50 armor, he is a good deal faster than the
standard marine.  He is also given a special new vision mode: Enhanced Night Vision.  This new vision
mode amplifies the available light, even with some color.  It includes the motion tracker.  Living
beings show up well (cloaked preds are only SLIGHTLY easier to see, not by much).  NOTE:  This 
vision mode was a side product of trying to add the Motion Tracker to the normal night vision.  I like 
it better myself, but there are some minor graphical glitches.


					Changes -- Marine Weapons


Pulse Rifle

The pulse rifle has been radically altered.  It is more of an assault rifle now.  The rate of fire has
been increased.  The stagger glitch has been fixed.  The crosshair is gone, and the recoil has been
slightly increased.  Now you have to pump the underslung grenade launcher before it fires the grenade,
just like the movie.  Ammo has been decreased to 95 rounds per clip, and you only start with two clips.
It is great for medium-short range.  Grenades have been reduced to a maximum of 6.


The minigun only starts with 100 ammo, and pickups are only 100 rounds.  Now you have to be more
conservative with minigun ammo.


Both slugs and shells do a little more damage.

Guided rockets

Tracking has been toned down and the rockets themselves move slower.

Has a quickfix to reduce the tracking slightly (the bullets move a little slower) to reduce
the 'cheapness' of the gun.  Fewer bullets are consumed, and it does a little more damage.

Grenade laucnher:

Replace EMPS with a new type of grenade- napalm grenades!  This weapon affects a large area, but only does
does medium damage.  It is generally a counter to cloaking preds, and a supression weapon.  It takes
about 3 nades to be fatal.  Especially effective against heavy weapons marines.  The barrel has the
marking, IC, which stands for "Superheating Incendiary. Basically a napalm charge with a thermic
lance in the core, this superheats the napalm before it can ignite and causes a small-scale
vapourous explosion. This vapour then ignites producing an incendiary effect." (Nemarsde's
description.  He provided the skin for the weapon).


					Changes -- Corporates


Reordered all class weapon sets, redifined speed settings for all marines, and redefined armor settings
for all corporates. 

NOTE:  All corporates start with knife and pistol regardless of class.

******************************************Ivan - Specialist*********************************************
Exactly the same as the Harrison Marine.

******************************************Dimitri - Anti-Tank (AT) Officer******************************
Similar to the marine heavy weapons.  Same armor, a little slower.  He starts with the minigun and
rocket launcher.  He can pick up a grenade launcher.

******************************************Rylov - Ex-Marine********************************************
Being an ex-marine Rykov prefers the weapons he was trained with.  He starts with the pulse rifle and
the smartgun.  He can pickup the flamethrower.  He starts with 100 armor and can get up to 150 armor.
He is slightly slower than a regular marine.

******************************************Dunya - Trooper***********************************************
Dunya is a mix of a sniper and a front line soldier.  She is faster than a standard marine, but slower
than a sniper.  She starts and can only have 70 armor.  She starts with the sniper rifle and the
Grenade Launcher.  She can pick up a Pulse Rifle.  She also has Enhanced night vision.

Same weapon tweaks as marines.



Much faster now.  He/She is a hard bugger to hit.  Slightly slower from version 1 of the mod.

While his running speed remains the same, he is much faster when crouched.  However, this leaves your
head at the front of the charge.

Mostly the same.  A small increase in speed when crouched.  Navigation sense replaced with thermal view.

Slightly increased HP and speed.  You should easily catch any marine except a sniper speedwise.  He is
given an extremely short, extremely damaging pounce.

*********************************NEW CLASS!!-- Stealth Drone******************************************
This class is supposed to be closer to the Alien 1 alien.  He has no claws, nor pounce.  However, he
has a new weapon, a one button headbite.  Press fire at anytime to attempt a headbite.  Beware, it is
hard to hit, but is instantly fatal.  The tail is the same.

Runners, Drones, and Praets have a different poucne sound that is much
quieter, more of a hissing growl than a scream.


					      .'. P R E D A T O R .'.

Classes also redifined.  All predators can pickup any weapon they find.

Class Weapons off:

Light Pred

Shoulder Cannon

Shoulder Cannon

Assault Predator
Shoulder cannon

Class weapons on:

Light Predator:
Combi Stick
Shoulder Cannon
Remote Bombs

Combi Stick
Shoulder Cannon

Assault Predator:
Shoulder Cannon
Remote Bombs

  The heavy pred is something of a melee specialist.  He starts with and only gets the combi
stick, wrist blade, remote mines, and the netgun.  He is slightly faster than normal with the usual
massive ammount of HP.  This goes for both Class on and Class off.

Small speed boost to the regular pred, the assault pred, and the light pred.

Several weapons have been modified.

Shoulder Cannon
This weapon no longer homes to a target, but does lock on and go in a straight line.  To make up for
this, the shoulder cannon is as strong as the sniper rifle for a direct hit.  Patient hunters that line
up a shot with someone that is not moving side to side will be rewared.  Spammers will hit nothing but
air as the prey dodges.  The plasma bolt moves faster.  Charging only adds splash damage, up to a pulse
grenade equivalent.  It uses more energy than standard avp2, but not much more.  This weapon no longer
decloaks.  Be careful, your targeting laser is visible.

This has been changed to be a last ditch weapon.  3 primary shots drain most of the batter.  2 secondary
shots completely empty the pred's energy.

Slightly faster and more powerful.  I wanted to add the laser from the shouldercannon, but it will have
to wait until a future version because I could not get it to work.

Vectors per round increased, this means it does more damage, but kicks up more acid.

Combi Stick
Damage slightly increased.

Post comments here: http://forums.gamegossip.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=64
Homepage:  http://www.planetavp.com/avp2se

Big thanks to Nodata from the AXP team, the AXP team in general, and all the people that
helped me test this mod in its early stages!  A Special Big thanks to Panther in the Sky, he really helped me
test and work out the kinks in version 1.5!  Thank you for your help and patience.

Special Thanks to:
AlienJL, for providing me with the FX for napalm grenades.
G3rain1, for providing the model change to make the pulse rifle pump before it fires.
TalinXT, for introducing me to model edit, and making the original pulse and sniper model changes.
(www.planetavp.com/harcore is his site).
Acid Glow, for testing, advice, and advertising my mod :).
Quad Damage, for helping me hook up my intro screen.
(http://www.planetavp.com/axpsiege/lethal is his site).
Nemarsde, for providing the skins for the stealth drone and napalm grenades.
Cosmic Fool, for testing and making the interface Icons for the napalm grenades.
(http://www.fragmachina.tk/ is his clan's site).
All my testers, and everyone who gave me advice.  If I forgot your name, contact me and I will include it with all due haste.

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