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I got myself a new PC setup recently, including a 22" widescreen display (16:10 ratio), and I had to notice that this game doesn't offer any...


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I got myself a new PC setup recently, including a 22" widescreen display (16:10 ratio), and I had to notice that this game doesn't offer any widescreen settings in the options menu. The streched view really started to annoy me and so I've written this little patcher-tool which corrects the FOV for widescreen displays. I thought it might be a good idea to share it. I've also made a second version for users with 16:9 displays (both versions are included in this download). For more details check the Readme... I've taken some before/after-screenshots you might check as well, showing you the difference between the view with and without the patch on my 16:10 display.

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Download 'avp2_widescreen_patch.rar' (3.32MB)

---- Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Widescreen Patch ----
----------- for 16:9 and 16:10 ratios ------------
------------------- by Droog ---------------------


The game was designed for monitors with an aspect ratio of 4:3. So if you play the game on a 
widescreen display (i/e displays with a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio) everything looks too broad (round 
objects rather have an egg shape, characters look fat, etc...).
This simply happens because the image of the game gets horizontally streched to fit on the whole
Newer games usually offer graphic/resolution options for all kind of monitors/displays and all
common aspect ratios. But in some older games (such as "Aliens vs. Predator 2") you have to tweak
some configs and perhaps also use some other "tricks" in order to get a correct view on
modern displays.

This little tool does such a trick...
It corrects the FOV (Field Of View) for widescreen ratios and eliminates the stretch-effect. 
It has been tested with game version and it works in both, Singleplayer and Multi-
player mode.


---------------- The Resolution -----------------

Since the game doesn't offer resolution settings for widescreen displays in the options menu,
you may have to set the correct resolution for your display manually. 
So browse to your game directory (the default path should be something like this:
"C:Program FilesFoxAliens vs. Predator 2") and open the "autoexec.cfg" file with notepad.
Now press Ctrl+F and search for these lines:


Insert the resolution specifications of your display.
Example: If your display has a native resolution of 1680x1050, your configs should look like this:

"GameScreenWidth" "1680"
"GameScreenHeight" "1050" 

After all changes have been made SAVE the file and close it (NOTE: From now on do NOT change the
resolution settings in the options menu anymore, or your changed config file will get overwritten
and you will have to edit the settings as explained above again).

------------------- The Patch --------------------

The folder contains two versions of my patcher tool: One for 16:9 ratios (AVP2_WSP_169) and one
for 16:10 ratios (AVP2_WSP_1610).
Now simplay start the patcher for your display's ratio and run the game... The patch will be applied
automatically when the game starts.

The patcher window has to stay opened as long as you are playing, otherwise the patch might
stop working. So don't close the patcher window while the game window is still active.
Also you have to run the patcher every time you want to play. The FOV changes will NOT be saved
after you close the game (always start the patcher window FIRST and then start the game).

Have fun!
- Droog -

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