AvP2Z Contamination

AVP2Z Contamination, a mod for AVP2 for multiplayer games. More life, ammo, speed, modified weapons. Four teams: aliens, predators, m...


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AVP2Z Contamination, a mod for AVP2 for multiplayer games. More life, ammo, speed, modified weapons. Four teams: aliens, predators, marines, predators and zombies .1 file to change only.

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03-2004. AVP2Z CONTAMINATION mod for Aliens vs Predators 2 by Ralf Solo, 
Raphaelmi AT yahoo DOT com

Hello, this is my mod AVP2Z (ex PREDATORS WAR, ex MEGABLAST, I have change the name to 
make it more shorter to add the download link in the server name)

Also include , AVP2Z_D , an alternate version than all the debris stay more A LOT MORE longer , 
it should be use for overrun, survivor ,evacuate or small team death match .
-The server should mention the “D” or “DEBRIS” to make the difference

1. Install the MOD:

Unzip the avp2z.zip to the folder of the game, inside there is the file called "AVP2L.REZ", 
so you have to backup your original file before to put this mod.

To put away this mod, just overwrite your original file on it.

Important: you should save also your profile in the folder PROFILES, it may reset 
it when you put back the original “AVP2L.REZ”, it's happen once to me.
2. The story 

20 October 2243

Since 2 weeks now, the heavily protected high priority research centre installed in LV-426 
for study alien and predator species had fail to contact earth.   

The last messages received were dramatically bad:

Script1: 5 October 2243, 3.05 am 
-After to have spotted an unknown spaceship, defence security squads report a large number
 of predators heading to the fence perimeter.

Script2: 5 October 2243, 5.24 am 
-the predators have break the line of defence in spite of facing automated machine guns , 
exosuits and sadar units, the predators are spreading rapidly inside the centre.
 Casualty report: security force = 129 guards and officers 
                              Predators      = 17 estimated

Script3: 5 October 2243, 5.58 am
- Security officers retrieved from battle front claim we are facing some sort of elite predators , 
more fast and powerful , their goal stay unclear as they are visiting all buildings and warehouses.

Script4: 5 October 2243, 6.31 am
- Security forces have suffer heavy loose, remain security units and all personal 
are invited to retreat to the underground headquarter, armoured access doors will definitely 
be celled at 6.45 am sharp.
 Casualty report: security force = 382 guards and officers 
                  Predators      = 33 estimated

 Script5: 5 October 2243, 7.28 am
- Our messages to attempt a conciliation with the predators have fail , sadly we cannot 
liberate the elders predators ( who seemed high ranked)   
 As they didn’t survive brain surgery experimentation and new weapons shooting expertise.
 We guess the hostage rescue party will turn to seek and destroy party as the predators 
will find the elder’s predator’s dead bodies. 
Script6: 5 October 2243, 9.02 am
-Due to the heavy fights, aliens have escaped their prison cellar, as our video camera 
show they are breeding with remain humans personal outside headquarter and isolated predators.
 They are also feeding with experiment hormonal ultra vitamin food with unknown result on their organism.

Script7: 5 October 2243, 10.30 am
-The predators have concentred their force to headquarter main entrance, light hand guns are distributed 
to the personnel, and we are ready for the last stand like surrender and war prisoner are not in the 
predator glossary. 

Script8: 5 October 2243, 12.10 am
- This is the last report, fights, explosions and fires are everywhere from inside headquarter to the 
all centre, we have concentred ours last defences around the command bridge, they will not take us down 
so easily. Also we have to report a very strange even from our last security cameras still functioning,
 an unknown biohazard gas from burned alien artefacts is spread all over the area, reanimating dead people 
and making the predators totally berserks.      

As we can fear from the last message we may not retrieve any survivors, as our battleship is approaching 
the orbit of LV-426, our company have mission of clearing the area of alien threat, more than 3000 human 
personnel were residing in this centre, and we must contain the alien contamination by placing nuclear 
device charges for a fresh deep cleaning.

3-The mod 

3.1 The ALIENS:

- 2 times life + 30 % speed and jump
- The Queen has 4 times more life + 30 % speed and jump
- All aliens can pounce
- The Queen can be selected
- Alien retrieves more life when eating   

Strategy: team work to swarm enemy. 

3.2 The elite predators 
-4 times more energy, all weapons, 2 times more ammo  

*LightPredator_MP "Predator_MP_Stalker" speed and jump 50 %, life 3 times 
*Predator_MP "Predator_MP_Maurauder" speed and jump 30 %, life 4 times  
*MHawkPredator_MP "Predator_MP_Striker" speed and jump 15 %, life 5 times  
*HeavyPredator_MP "Predator_MP_Bezerker" life 6 times  

Strategy: the predators are the most powerful specie, so they can play solo. 

3.3 The marines 

The mercs have merged with the marines to fight the ugly aliens
 HUMANS has 
-2-3 times more life, 2-3 times armour maxi , 2-3 times ammo maxi ,
*sniper + 30 % speed and jump, less armour 
* Marines have 10 % more speed (but not the synth)
*synth man has more life and armour, he replace Jones with the Sadar

Weapons: a little more damage, and some small modifications 
The sadar do more damage as the flamethrower
The marines have the exclusivity of sniper gun and minigun 

 Strategy: the marines have to work as a real team.

4. The mad predators and the zombies.

Theses predators are similar as the elite predators but:
-they cannot cloak and retrieve energy
-they can heal by pickup the human’s medic
-they can pilot the exosuit.
-they can load ammo, only by picking weapons let on the floor.
-they retrieve the disc manually (go to pick it)
The zombies are regular humans with some weapons 

Strategy: unknown.


-less fall damage
- guns and armour 100% loaded , now less camping and girl fights 
near the ammo box.

4. How to play it and server:

-I wanted to make the feeling of the first Predator movie, when a group of humans is hunting
 down by a powerful predator.
The balance should be: 1 predator vs 3 aliens at least
                       1 predator vs 4 marines at least

-this is a mod to play IN MULTIPLAYER , can be play also as solo but was not fully tested .

-You should put the setup MPClassWeaponSet ON; if not the game play may be unbalanced

-you should put the life cycle off and also queen morphing off.

-every one must have this file to play


5. The mod making 

-I wanted to make a mod very little and easy to install, with a maximum of fun, 
I didn’t made half as expected but the result is enough good I guess.

-You can use this mod as much you like

-I have used some AXP team’s Lethal Tournament cool stuff:
-the fx 
-90 % of the flamethrower
-50 % of the sadar
-10 % of the shotgun
-the queen 
-the learning of adding civilian characters

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