The second new AvP2 skin.

After installing this skin you'll be seeing all marines in AvP2 as the ge marines.



                                   --===[AvPge2 Marine]===--

INFO: This skin is based on the Marine seen in Alien versus Predator: Gold Edition. Because AvP Gold has been one of 
my favorite games a long time, I decided to take a part of it with me to AvP II. I hope you do the same and enjoy!

Name: AvPge2 Marine
Author: XenoMasta 
Version: 1.0
Hud: No
Sounds: No


To install this skin...
1. Create a folder called "Custom" in your AvP II directory.
2. Put the "AvPge2" file in this directory.
3. Start up AvP II and on the very first menu with the queen to the left, click "options".
4. Once in the options menu, click "Always Specify"
5. Type in the command line as follows: -rez custom/avp2gemarine.rez

Now whenever playing a game, you will see all Marine as the "AvPge2" Marine. 

-Installation guide by Matt Pruitt.

If you have any question about this skin, feel free to contact  me 
[email protected]

Special Thanks Matt Pruitt and Art Brush for helping me with the avp2 tools.

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This skin is Copyrighted Tropico Production. All Rights Reserved ® where necessary. Aliens versus Predator game is copyright © Fox Interactive and Rebellion Productions. 

XenoMasta, or Lv-426 Modifications claims no responsibilty for any damages caused by downloading skins from this website or any other websites. Nor from any of the links found in the "Files" section of this website. We make sure all the products we release are well tested before they are offered for the public.

By installing this Modification you are dismissing all liabilities and the right to sue the creators of these products incase of any violent acts, or problems caused by the installation of this Modification. Wich may or may not be influenced due to the realism of these products.

This is a "Freeware" product. You may not charge for this product in any way shape or form without prior written consent from XenoMasta.

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