The update to the axp mod features local taunting and newer better taunts for the predator and marine characters.


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The update to the axp mod features local taunting and newer better taunts for the predator and marine characters.

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 Thank you for playing the AXP mod for Aliens vs Predator 2! This mod includes a host of new game functions and selectable characters. This was our attempt to make the Aliens vs Predator 2 game more like the movie line. This is only the beta version of the mod, and updates will be released when we fix existing bugs. So, sit back and enjoy the game!



Ok, I'm sure you're all wondering what this is going to change/add to your game, so here are the details!

 1. This version is FULLY compatible with the new Multiplayer fixes released by Sierra on 12/17/01!!!

 2. Fixed Queen Damage Resistance: She now has the resistance of the Praetorian! That, combined with her (already) high health, makes her one DEADLY foe!

 3. Fixed Pred Medicomp Yell: I don't know if anyone else but me noticed this, but when you use the Medicomp for the Pred in Multiplayer, the Pred hears the blades sticking him, AND a big YELL of pain...but all the opponents heard was the blades. This has been fixed, so the enemies will hear the blades as well as his yell of pain!

 4. Fixed Rail Gun Crosshair: The crosshair on the rail gun has been removed! So the only way you get a crosshair with it is when you zoom into snipe. This, combined with the "kick" from the gun make it more difficult to aim with the rail gun (sniper rifle) in melee combat.

 5. Added new taunts: The normal Predator, and all the Marines have a new taunt from the movies. Just keep taunting and you'll hear it!

 6. Fixed Taunts to be Local: The Taunts are now only heard when you are near your enemy. Instead of it being heard all over the map, the taunts are now localized to the character. So if you hear a taunt now...WATCH OUT! cause they're near by!

 7. Fixed Pred and Marine Weapon Classes: We got a few complaints about the class weapons always being on. In our humble opinion, the game is pointless (lacks balance) without class weapons on, so we made a compromise. All the Preds can now use the shoulder cannon, but start out with only WristBlades and Shoulder Cannon, and have to collect their other class weapons. The Marines can all use the shotgun and Pulse Rifle now. Also, the "Specialist" marine has been turned into a "generic" marine class, so he can pick up and use ALL the marine weapons, but only starts out with a knife and pistol!


 Well, we added and changed a great deal to/from the original game. I hope you like what we've done! If you think of further improvements that can be done, or that you'd like to see, just send an email to NODATA in the credits section of this readme. Anyway, on with the changes:

1. SEVERAL NEW SELECTABLE CHARACTERS: We've added the Combat Synth, the Queen, the ExoSuit, and the APEsuit all as selectable characters, and all with different abilites and drawbacks.
	A. The Combat Synthetic: The Combat Synth has been added with many advantages and disadvantages to play. He has more life than any other human character, and more armor is allowed to him as well. He can carry any heavy wepon at normal run speed (they don't slow him down). He is however, limited to only being able to carry heavy weapons, and lacks a knife as well. This is a major drawback to playing as the Combat Synth, as you will just have to "wait it out" when you get netted by a Predator. Also, he is severely affected by EMP grenades, as they Stun him (keep him from moving), remove his vision modes, and drain his battery power (used for vision modes and flash light.) He will give NO LIFE to Alien characters when they headbite him or claw at his "dead" body, as he is not "living" flesh. Also, he can be targeted in HEAT VISON (for the Predators), though he only gives off a SMALL glow there. He gives off no Pheramone scent, and thus does not "glow" to ALIEN vision. He cannot be Face-hugged, as he would not make a realistic host. He can, however be killed by decapitation.
	B. The ExoSuit: The Exo has more life than most characters, but moves VERY slow. It cannot jump, however, so it must find alternate means of reaching elevated levels. It cannot use ladders either. It carries 4 heavy weapons including the Flamethrower, the Minigun, a Rocket Launcher, and a Laser. All of these, with the exception of the laser mimic their Marine counterparts. The Laser is an EXTREMELY deadly weapon, it can kill most enemies in one shot. However, it can only fire once, before more ammo must be collected for it. The Exo uses Marine ammo boxes to refil it's ammo. The Exo cannot be Face-hugged, and cannot be "on-fire." It will still take damage from flame throwers, but will not catch on-fire. The Exo is severly affected by EMP grenades, in much the same way as the Synthetic. It can be targeted in HEAT VISION by the Predator class, and only gives off a SMALL heat signature. It will die in one head shot (aim for where the piolit WOULD be [see KNOWN BUGS]), and it can be head-bitten for life. It cannot be Netted as it is too large.
	C. The Queen: The Queen is BIG! Her POV is almost at the ceiling, and she moves scarily fast down those corridors! She's got more health than anyother alien class, but cannot climb walls. Since her attacks come from above (she's taller than most of the other models) she often hits the head of her target, causing instant death. Her FOV (Field of Vision) is closer to NORMAL than that of the Drones. She cannot be netted and does not catch on-fire, but still takes damage from fire. Her major drawback is her SIZE! She has to duck to get into some cooridoors (see Known Bugs) and cannot even fit into others.
	D. The Apesuit: The Apesuit has normal marine life, but 300 max armor. He's slower than your average marine though (all that armor weighs him down). He is limited to all but heavy weapons. He cannot catch on-fire, and cannot be facehugged. Other than that, he functions as your basic Marine...err...Corporate.

2. CHANGED WEAPONS: Several of the existing weapons have been modified from their original abilities to balance out the game.
	A. The Predator's Shoulder Cannon: The SC no longer "homes" in on it's target. It still aquires a lock-on and fires at it's target, but the bolt flies straight through the air, and does not follow it's target once fired. To compensate for this loss, the Predator no longer Decloaks while firing the SC, and the SC bolt has been sped up to accomodate for "leading" targets with the Lock.
	B. The Smartgun: The Smartgun has been changed to mimic the targeting style of the SADAR seeking missles. It now requires a specified time to "lock on" to it's target, and will now target both friendly and enemy characters.
	C. The Tracking SADAR Missle: The missle has been "toned down" from it's previous form. It still homes in on it's target, but it turns at a much slower rate. So it cannot cut corners quite as well as it used to.
	D. The Sniper Rifle (or Rail Gun): The Sniper Rifle of the human species has been givin more "kick" so that aiming with it becomes increasingly difficult as you fire round after round.

3. ADJUSTED CHARACER ABILITIES: Several of the characters under went minor changes to provied a more "movie feel" and balance to the game.
	A. The Alien: The Aliens have been generally sped up, so that they can catch running humans. They have also been assigned a 120 degree vision, equivalent to "wall-eye" vision. This may cause nausea in some players, so watch out!
	B. The Predator: The base Predator character has been given a slight speed boost.
	C. The Praetorian: The Praetorian character has been given a higher jump to accomodate it's strength over the other Alien characters.

4. Alien Life Cycle: Alien Life Cycle is considered to be ALWAYS ON with the game. Since the facehugger is a selectable character, it will morph as normal when it makes a kill.

5. Everything else: There are quite a few other new changes to the game, but those are the major ones, everything else is a surprise!


 1. Put the AXP2.rez in your Custom folder inside your Aliens vs Predator 2 folder. If you don't have a Custom folder, then create one.
 2. In OPTIONS, just as your game loads, type this in the command line:
                        -rez custom/AXP2.rez
 3. Start the game

 There are more than a few known bugs with this release (which is why it's only in it's beta stages.)
	1. The Queen has no crouch animation.
	2. The Exo has a "skating" effect if he jumps while running.
	3. The game does NOT function properly with Class weapons ON, so leave them OFF! Each Class has been given it's class weapons in all modes of play, and this helps to create the balance for all the classes.
	4. The Mod has NOT been fully tested in other modes of play (Survivor etc...) and MAY have undesired results there.
	5. The Exosuit appears to have no piolit. Since we are using the default Exosuit model for the game, the exo "appears" to be without a piolit. Just aim for where he WOULD be, and you'll get the desired effect.
	6. The Exosuit now appears to have an "invisible" flame effect. This is due to Sierra's recent changes with the flamethrower and how the server handles it. It will be looked into in the future.
	7. The Combat Synthetic spawns with a knife in his hand and moves at an INCREDIBLE speed while holding it, however if the player switches off this weapon and changes to another, he will not get the knife back until he changes classes and back though.

If you find anything not on this list, please send an email to NODATA in the credits section of this Readme.



Mod Lead Developers

 Charles D.-NODATA:
 Piotrr Edman:

Mod Editing
 Charles D.-NODATA:
 (with a headstart from Ben Felts! Thanks!)

Mod Press Information and Contact

 Piotrr Edman:

Mod Web Design

 Bounty hunter- KuRoKo-Robert.S:
 Element J

Mod Anitmators

 Bounty Hunter- KuRoKo-Robert.S:

Mod Custom Loading Screen

 Xenomasta of Planet AvP Lv-426 Modifications

Mod Custom Graphics

 Bounty Hunter- KuRoKo-Robert.S:
 Element J

Mod Custom Levels

 Element J

Mod Discussion is currently being held on the Sierra message board under this link:^955599@.ef432ba
Join in!

(the custom levels and graphics will be introduced when the SDK for the game is released. Our website should be up soon!)

Thanks to everyone that helped test!
 everyone at Clan AAP: Especially AAPViper, AAPHicks, StaticJAAP (for letting me in the clan!), TuathanAtlantean, and anyone else I might have missed!!!

P.S.-As a favor to everyone that wants to play on the web, if you create a server running this mod, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put AXP in the server name somewhere! So we can identify what games we can and cannot jump into! Thanks!


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