What's new in version 2.1

As you can probably guess by the title, my mod has merged with the AxP mod. This does not mean my mod will be any different than before, all it means is that our titles have merged. I will be getting a web site soon and I will make better info file there along with more detailed readme and help files.

New Characters

Aliens 1. Facehugger 2. Stealth Runner 3. Acid Spitter

Marines 1. Synthetic 2. Exterminator

Corporates 1. Cyborg

Predators 1. Sniper Predator 2. Elder Predator

New Weapons

(Human) 1. Auto Shotgun

(Alien) 1. Acid Spit 2. Stealth Runner's Claws

(Predators) 1. Self Destruct 2. Advanced Shoulder Cannon 3. Energy Flechette

Attrib Mods

(Human) 1. All humans can run a little faster.

(Alien) 1. All aliens run fast enough to catch a running human. 2. All aliens can head bite past 100 health. 3. The Praetorian has been given wall-walk and an enhanced jump (to use the enhanced jump, press the crouch toggle and jump while running and holding forward. He then jumps forward more than a regular alien) 4. The tail attack when fully charged does more damage.

(Predators) 1. Predators have been given more energy. 2. The predators are faster now. 3. The shoulder cannon projectile is faster.




Place RMOD_21.REZ in your custom directory and add the following command line to AVP2:

   -rez custom\RMOD_21.REZ

If you do not have a custom folder then make a folder titled Custom in our AVP2 directory

To add a command line to AVP2:
1. Click the AVP2 shortcut
2. Click OPTIONS
3. Enter the command line the in the command line box
4. Check the box that says: 'Always specify these command-line parameters

Detailed info for new characters

1. Facehugger

The facehugger was playable with alien life cycles on, but when you died you became a facehugger again. If you ask me this was very annoying. Therefore I made the facehugger as a selectable character, and when you facehug someone and you become a drone let's say, when you die, you will still respawn as a drone!

2. Stealth Runner

The stealth runner is a very powerful character. Although not the standard combat warrior, he can do some major damage! The rapid attack claws that comes standard with all of the aliens has been removed and instead he's been given a very powerful claw/tear swipe. This creature's main advantage however, is the ablility to be masked in the various vision modes, making him hard to see when using electro or synth vision.

3. Acid Spitter

The acid spitter is a unique alien, being slightly weaker than the drone and having limited strength it is a deadly weapon. The acid spit weapon does not have a very long range, however it does extensive damage to it's victim causing death to him if he's not up to full health. Note: To use the acid spit, right click, and when the crosshair turns green, it means the acid is charged and ready to fire. After firing the alien will switch back to normal claws.

4. Synthetic\Cyborg

The Synthetic is a very powerful weapon to aid the humans. Why? Because the Synthetic is stronger, faster, and better than a regular human. He has 125 health points but 175 armor points balancing him out with a regular human. He has a special vision mode that allows him to see extra-terrestrials better and emits no aura for the aliens to see... making him the ultimate tool for the humans. Basically the synthetic and the cyborg are the same, they just have different models and weapons.

5. Exterminator

The Exterminator character is an impressive character. For having no special abilities he rocks. This guy can carry more than 300 armor and when fully loaded can carry a variety of weapons including the auto-shotgun, pulserifle, minigun, gernade launcher, and flamethrower.

6. Sniper Predator

The sniper predator is a little bit lighter than the regular predator, making him an easy target in close combat but having a 36x ZOOM and Spear Gun compensates his weakness. Clearly this is definatley a sniper for the predators.

7. Elder Predator

Because I put some heavy weapons on the heavy predator, I needed to make a close combat warrior. The Elder Predator has more armor than the heavy predator, is capable of moving quicker, but has no ranged weapons. The honorable elder must use his close combat weapons and skill to defeat his enemies. Armed only with the Naginata (better spear) and wristblades, this guy is definatly the close combat warrior of choice.

Detailed info for new weapons

1. Auto shotgun

The auto shotgun does not require pump action like the standard shotgun giving a whole new punch to this gun.

2. Acid Spit

The acid spit is a unique weapon, because it is the only ranged weapon for the aliens. If a human is hit by the acid spit it causes progressive damage, sometimes making the kill AFTER you've hit the enemy!

3. Stealth Runner's Claws

The stealth runner is made for making one swipe, and finishing off it's enemy. Therefore, I gave it a nice slash attack when used properly, can kill a marine with one hit!

4. Energy Flechette

The energy flechette has now appeared in avp2! Used by the light and heavy predators, this is a very versitale weapon, having an accurate primary fire and a spread alternate fire, the energy flechette is a must have for your predator arsenal.

4. Self Destruct

This new weapon is a last resort for the predator. When the noble warrior is defeated in combat, he can attempt to take his foe with him by activating his self destruct unit!

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