This Map Pack comes with 5 maps; 1 for Single Player Skirmish and 4 for Multiplayer.


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This Map Pack comes with 5 maps; 1 for Single Player Skirmish and 4 for Multiplayer.

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Backstreets - Version 1.2

From: The Mayor's Office
To: The Commissioner of Police

Addendum to: Recent Police Department Report - 'Unprecedented Missing Persons'.

In reference to your recent report on the spate of missing persons in the largely disused buildings, run-down warehouses and abandoned commercial premises at the west end of town, I would like to call your attention to further recent disappearances.  Last week, a team of 4 trained and reliable commercial security personnel was in attendance in this locality to investigate numerous strange reports of 'phantoms' and 'large unidentified animals' lurking in the alleyways and backstreets.  Since their call-out attendance, there has been no sign of the security team's return.  They appear to have vanished without a trace.

It is well known to this Office that most residents of these derelict buildings are in occupancy under a variety of illegal pretexts as squatters, itinerants, vagrants and criminals.  Most of these occupants are either addicted, deranged or deluded; and as such, a census on this population has never adequately been completed.  For this reason, it is difficult to ascertain exactly how many people can be identified as officially missing in this location.  It is highly likely that the number of missing persons is greater than we first estimated; and we also believe that the person or persons responsible for these disappearances is still active in the area.  

As this issue is of great concern for the owners of these buildings; and their financiers involved in the proposed future commercial redevelopment of the site, I have undertaken it upon myself to involve Millitary inclusion in determining a final, positive outcome to this undesirable problem.  

I have been reassured by the Department of Defence that a squad of specially trained Marines is now being dispatched to investigate the area; and they will arrive soon, at approximately 5am tomorrow morning, well before sunrise.  It is most likely that no such 'ghosts' or 'mysterious beasts' will be found; but we can use this excuse as an opportunity to use the Federal Government resources to flush out the worthless human trash that has taken up residence in the area.  Thus we can hasten and increase the financial viablility of the site for a profitable redevelopment at negligible Council expense; and without having to use our Council resources, or putting your own staff at risk.

I am sure that you will agree that this is an amenable course of action to take.


The Mayor.


Map Notes.
This Map Pack comes with 5 maps; 1 for Single Player Skirmish and 4 for Multiplayer.  Read these notes carefully to play/join a game of your preference:

1).  SKM_Backstreets
This is a Single Player Skirmish game for the Marine only.  An infinite supply of ravenous AI Bugs has been provided for your solitary gun totin' pleasure.  No Multiplayer component has been provided.

2).  DM_Backstreets_V1-2
This map is for '4 Way Free For All' Multiplayer with gameplay support for: Aliens, Corporates, Marines and Predators.

3).  TDM_Backstreets_V1-2
This map is for 4 x Team Play with gameplay support for: Aliens, Corporates, Marines and Predators.  

4).  TDM_Vendetta_V1-2
This map is for Team Play street battles between Corporates and Marines only.  Aliens and Preds may enter the map but cannot take part in the gameplay.  

Aliens joining 'TDM_Vendetta' will find themselves unable to exit from the sewer.  Predators joining 'TDM_Vendetta' will find themsleves unable to exit from the top floor plantroom.  Both of these two species are recommended to rejoin as Marines or Corporates.

5).  DM_DrownedWorld_V1-2
This map is for '4 Way Free For All' Multiplayer with gameplay support for: Aliens, Corporates, Marines and Predators.

Other Notes:
!!!CAUTION!!!  The overhead electrical cabling present in the maps is LIVE and will electrocute anything that touches them.  Shouldn't be a problem for human players as these are suspended beyond their reach.  Aliens and Preds, however, will have to be doubly aware of their presence and locations in the map if they want to jump around a lot.

It is recommended that these maps be played at night, with the lights off.

If you you know somebody who is currently using Backstreets V1.0, please let them know of this updated release.

General Information:
Title                   : Backstreets Map Pack
Version                 : 1.2
Release Date            : March, 2004
Type			: Single Player: Marine Skirmish
			  Multiplayer:  4xFFA DM
			  Alien vs Predator vs corporate vs Marine TDM.
			  Marine vs Corporate TDM.
Author               	: Phil 'Windebieste' Wlodarczyk
Email Address           : windebieste AT planetavp DOT com
Other Levels by Author  : DM_Ruinous, An AvP2 Multiplayer map.
			  Gladiator, An AvP2 Single Player Predator Skirmish map.
			  SK_Ruinous, Modified version of DM_Ruinous for Single Player Marine Skirmish.
			  SK_A_Loners_Fate, Modified version of Monolith's 'A Lesser Fate' for Single Player Marine Skirmish.
			  Stranded_Redux, Stranded from original AvP remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes.
			  SK_Precipice, An AvP2 Single Player Marine Skirmish map.
			  Tar Baby, Multi and Single Player Skirmish AvP2 map.
			  DM_Shafts, (Released under name of Sum_Dum_Phuc.)  Multiplayer map.
			  DM_Xenocortex, (Collaboration with psykore, released under name of Sum_Dum_Phuc.)  Multiplayer map.
			  SKM_Cabin_Fever, Single Player Skirmish map for Marine.  
			  SKM_Combat_Pit, Single Player Skirmish map for Marine. 
			  SKM_Primaeval, Single Player Skirmish map for Marine.  
 			  SKM_Shafts, Modified version of DM_Shafts for Single Player Marine Skirmish.  
			  SKM_Xenocortex, Modified version of DM_Xenocortex for Single Player Marine Skirmish. 

Game                    : Aliens vs. Predator 2
Single Player           : Yes, Marine.
Difficulty Settings     : No.
Multiplayer		: Yes.
New Sounds              : No.
New Textures            : This map features approx. 100 textures.  These textures are from a variety of sources including:

			  Global Ops
			  No One Lives Forever
			  Return to Castle Wolfenstein
			  Soldier of Fortune 2
			  Plus a few of my own.

			  These textures are intended as placeholders and are to be replaced at a later date.  If somebody 			  could provide me with some artwork, then I will replace these with a unique set of third party 			  textures appropriate for this map.

			  This map supports cameo appearances of Planet AvP staff in the form of street signs, vehicle number 			  plates, graffiti and building signage, et cetera.

Included Files		: Backstreets_V1-2.txt - This readme file.
			  Backstreets.rez - Game data.
Editor Used             : DEdit.
Base                    : New map from Scratch.
Construction Time       : May 2003 - March 2004.
Processing Time         : Approx. 14 Minutes for each map.  Balance set to 900.
Known Bugs		: Please report any undocumented bugs to: windebieste AT planetavp DOT com

Make sure AvP2 is updated to the latest version, which is currently:

Place the Backstreets.rez file in your 'c:\AliensVsPredator2\Custom' folder.  You may need to create a 'Custom' folder if this is the first Custom map you have installed for AvP2.  Overwrite any previous versions with V1.2.

Start the game; and in the Game Launcher's Main Menu select 'Options'.  

Enter (cut & paste, if you like) into the 'Command-Line' field:

-rez custom/backstreets.rez

Check the box marked "Always specify these command-line parameters" to always load the map.

Return to the Game Launcher's Main Menu and select: 'Play'.  The game will then start with new map components loaded.  

Then select: 'Single Player' ->  'Custom Levels' ->  'Worlds/Custom/SKM_Backstreets'.

Or choose the DM_Backstreets_V1-2, DM_DrownedWorld_V1-2, TDM_Backstreets_V1-2 or TDM_Vendetta_V1-2 from the maps Menu in the 'Multiplayer' Options.

Revision History:

Version 1.2:
	* Second playable Version 1.2,  Released March, 2004.
	* Added miscellaneous small tweaks common to each map.
	* Added cloud cover to sky on night based maps.
	* Fixed stairs on DM_Backstreets so players can walk up them without having to jump up each step.
	* Added DM_DrownedWorld to Backstreets Map Pack with these additional improvements implemented to that map:
	* Changed water to fully opaque so Aliens can't be seen from above.  Aliens can still observe land from underwater.		* Added rising bubbles to some underwater areas.
	* Added lightning flashes and lightning strikes.  Looks cool.
	* All vegetation has been flagged so that weapons will fire through, rather than impact upon them.
	* All updated Multiplayer maps now have "_V1-2" suffixed to them to distinguish them from older versions when they 		appear in the Maps Menu.
	* Expanded TDM_Backstreets by 15-20%.  New areas include street level hive; and open drainage outflow.  Both 			areas connect directly to main map and to each other via existing drainage reticulation.
	* Corporates now playable as 4th species in TDM_Backstreets.

Version 1.1:

	* Private development Version 1.1, Not released publicly.  February, 2004.

Version 1.0:
	* First playable Version 1.0,  Released September, 2003.

My Thanks Goes to These People:  

Groden for his assistance in sourcing out the custom textures.
Chris Beaver for additional textures, specifically graffiti and markings on walls.
All the staff at for supporting the inclusion of their names in this Map pack.

Thanx to the guys at the Mooroolbark Network Gaming Laboratory (MaNGLed) for their help in playtesting these maps:

Agent Leroy
Big A

Thanx to Psykore and Dark Flame for the suggested additions/changes to DM_DrownedWorld.

Thanx to my wife, the Evil Devilfish.  

Thanx, Monolith for creating Aliens vs. Predator 2; and then giving us the tools so that we could make it even better!  ;)

Copyright / Permissions
Backstreets is copyright, Windebieste. March, 2004.

Other Authors may NOT use the included Backstreets.rez file or its contents as a base to build additional levels.  It may not be modified in any way.  You are NOT permitted to commercially exploit Backstreets, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold without my written permission.

You MAY distribute this set of levels and associated files included with it through an electronic network as long as the .zip file contents remain complete and unchanged.  

This Text file MUST accompany the map's distribution in its entirety.


Please.  Do let me know what you think of this Map Pack.  =)



When is Fox/Monolith gonna wake up and realise that this game is NOT going to die?  Please, give us professional Co-Op and Skirmish modes...


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