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This is a cool mod, the changes are too much to list here so check the readme!


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This is a cool mod, the changes are too much to list here so check the readme!

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Download 'bunnys_server_mod_v213_1.zip' (1.91MB)


v2.1.3	major overhaul of server commands
	addition of tiered admin
	silent login added
	added admin log for all commands issued
	moved hit - miss counter and aim delta log to allow phantoms to be logged
	modified how potential aimbots are flagged
update	removed bot detection code (project will continue as v214_b)
v2.1.2	removed AFK mode from DM/TDM/SURVIVOR/HUNT
	added extra validation on Terminate/TerminateID commands (hopefuly will fix the bug where player could only be terminated once)
	added basic aimbot detection code (see Aimbot Detection Explained below)
	added new command <serv>Record<id> (see Aimbot Detection Explained below)
	added new command <serv>BotReset<id> (see Aimbot Detection Explained below)
	added new command <serv>GetDelta<id> (see Aimbot Detection Explained below)
	added new command <serv>SilentKick <password> <id> <<--lol kinda pointless without knowing the IDs DOH!!!
	updated some missing weapon/ammo values
update	removed silentkick
update	potential bot detection only sent to admin (if present)
update	added hit miss ratio for bot detection
update	lowered sniper history to 10 shots
update	modified how sniper is recorded
v2.1.1	updated weapon/ammo whitelist (see note below)
	fixed a rare/dormant bug when someone without SC tries to do a <serv> command (also with RC command)
	rolled all the config files into 1 nice file (AVP2DLL_CONFIG.txt)
	fixed the server clock (was an existing source issue not a mod issue) so no more evacing on 4
	fixed evac wait and added overrun wait
	added an option to use ids in names (looks hideous but you admins seem to like it)
	new command <serv>toggleID toggles IDs in names on and off
	modified pwnid to also class lock and rename to 'i got pwned'
v2.1.0	new command <serv>GrenadeBan  (for pulse nades and Grenade Launcher Grenades)
	new command <serv>grenadehelp (list of nade names)
        fixed bug in Wipeout command
	fixed bug in terminate/terminateID commands
	added a fix for end level triggers in coop games
	modified weaponban to make it more efficient
	added basic protection against ammo hacks
v2.0.9  new commands <serv>RC, <serv>joinFF, <serv>AdminPeep, <serv>TeamLock
	fixed a bug with roulette freezing the server
	added player joining message
	added code for basic IP banning (this is very crude method but it works)
	fixed message error (corrupt text) with <serv>help
	fixed bug with weapon banning (if no weapons were banned in text.. it didnt work)
v2.0.8a hopefully put a stop to the server crash from outside the server (credit due to the writer of the crash tool for releasing the fix)
v2.0.8  can no longer select races that arent in the game (i.e. in evac and survivor modes)
	tsearch users can no longer select alternate characters in-game(queen, exosuit etc) and will be locked in freefly for trying
	NB: the client can select the characters.. but the server does not acknowledge (still a few bugs with messaging)
	fixed ingame MOTDs (2nd msg was not getting deleted)
	fixed bug with invalid characters (no longer allowes ascii 20 and ascii 127)
	added <serv>ClassLockID <ID> and <serv>PWNID <ID>
	added hardcore evac mode
	SC pass filter in message and team message
v2.0.7  hmm, after mixed feelings about the NPCs allowed with <serv>switchID, ive decided to default them to off
	if u liked this feature and would like to continue using it just add a file called allowNPC.txt to the root directory
	nothing needs be in this file, its just easier for me to quick fix this way.
	please note, that in games with only 2 races present, the other 2 races will be selectable, i will fix this at a later date
v2.0.6	moved <serv>forceverify higher than the <serv> glitch block
	new commands <serv>addmsg <a message> and <serv>resetmsg
	new command <serv>lockdown <password> and <serv>unlock
v2.0.5	personal messages also show on the senders screen
	fixed bug in setlevelid (couldnt set map with id=0)
	if a player is named AFK when they join a map they are set into freefly
V2.0.4	fixed bug in <serv>shutup
	fixed bug with <serv>setlevelID
	added code to make <serv>renameid <number> afk work
	added filter for name hacks
V2.0.3  removed kill from <serv>forcefreeflyid command
	<name>afk now forces a player into freefly (also renameid <number> afk has the same effect)
	the player can exit freefly mode by typing <name>newname
	(nb. a player who is locked in freefly cannot do a <name>afk command)
	MOTD can now be up to 196 characters long
	added <serv>shutup , <serv>ListMaps and <serv>SetLevelID
	changed spawn protection from 15 seconds to 60 seconds (movement and drawing weapon cancel protection)
V2.0.2  added <serv>switchid and <serv>forcefreeflyid
V2.0.1 	fixed a bug with logging to server app (team messages logged once per client)
	fixed bug with id commands and no id (default 0)
	fixed bug with mute not resetting on map load
       	added <serv> command to ban/unban weapons
	added MOTD capability (currently limited to 49 characters per message)

as always, this is Win32 only.
doesnt look like there will ever be a linux mod.

'Dedicated Server Setup'

	1.create a file called customrez.txt
	2.add the following lines
	3.move the rez file and the customrez file to the root directory
	4.run the server and enjoy

'Silent Server control'

silent admin for both tiered and non tiered admin (-s)
example <serv> control -s <password> for silent login, <serv> control <password> for regular login

'Tiered Admin'

added 3 tiers of admin: low, intermediate and full

'new commands'

NOTE: FOR EXAMPLE <serv>kick <Playername> and <serv>kick <playerid>

command:     <serv>addmsg <a message>
function:    adds a msg to the MOTD (196 character limit, 10 messages max)

command:     <serv>AdminPeep
function:    allows the server controller to see all messages

command:     <serv>blockname
function:    blocks the <name> command for all clients (toggles on/off)

command:     <serv>classlock <playername> or <playerid>
function:    stops the player changing class (for those annoying people who switch to the winning team every 2 minutes)

command:     <serv>kick <playername> or <playerid>
function:    kick command

command:     <serv>forcefreefly <playername> or <playerid>
function:    locks this character in freefly till SC releases them

command:     <serv>GrenadeBan <type>
function:    bans a particular grenade (pulse, emp, proxy, spider, timed)

command:     <serv>Grenadehelp
function:    lists the grenade type names (pulse, emp, proxy, spider, timed)

command:     <serv>hardcore
function:    sets server too hardcore evac mode (see note)

command:     <serv>help
function:    lists all the new commands (whisper to SC) (helpful huh?)

command:     <serv>joinFF
function:    forces all new joiners into freefly, only admin can release them. automatically 
function:    switches off at map change or when no SC holder is present

command:     <serv>listmaps
function:    lists all maps loaded and there ID (however if u know the rotation this is irrelavant)

command:     <serv>lockdown <password>
function:    locks the server with given password (pass is broadcast to all in the server)

command:     <serv>mute <playername> or <playerid>
function:    mutes <playername> or <playerid> (also blocks that client using <name> command)

command:     <serv>pwn <playername> or <playerid>
function:    combines forcefreefly, mute and classlock into one command (for all you lazy admins) also renames player to 'i got pwned'

command:     <serv>RC
function:    release server control

command:     <serv>resetmsg
function:    resets all the MOTD's set with <serv>addmsg

command:     <serv>rename <playername> or <playerid> <name>
function:    renames <playername> or <playerid> to <name>

command:     <serv>roulette
function:    kills a random player

command:     <serv>setlevel <number>
function:    sets the next level (either on natural level change, or set mid game)

command:     <serv>showid
function:    Lists all names and id (whisper to SC)

command:     <serv>shutup
function:    mutes all players except SC

command:     <serv>switch <playername> or <playerid> <character>
function:    forces <playername> or <playerid> to switch character (example:<serv>switch 0 runner)

command:     <serv>TeamLock
function:    toggles class lock for everyone

command:     <serv>terminate <playername> or <playerid>
function:    kills <playername> or <playerid>

command:     <serv>toggleID
function:    toggles IDs in names for server controller on/off

command:     <serv>transfersc <playername> or <playerid>
function:    transfers SC to a friend without them having to know SC password

command:     <serv>unlock
function:    unlocks the server and sets the pass to AVP2

command:     <serv>wait
function:    pauses round start (evac/overrun only, 60 second no SC timeout)

command:     <serv>weaponban <name>
function:    enables/disables weapon in game (does not affect weaponban.txt)
info:        valid human weapon names are shotgun,pulse,nade,flame,smart,sadar,mini,rail
info:        valid pred weapon names are predpistol,spear,cannon,disc,net,bomb
note:        some weapons will still flash and impact... however no damage will be done.

command:     <serv>weaponhelp
function:    lists the valid weapon names (whisper to SC)

command:     <serv>wipeout <species>
function:    kills all players of that species (Alien/Corp/Marine/Pred)

'Behind the scenes'

blocked server crash from bad names (0x0A)
<serv> glitch blocked
team talk and whispers logged to serv app console
any player trying to change to an illegal name will be renamed "Im a TSEARCH nub", gets muted, and forced into freefly
any player trying to use 0x0A will be renamed "KICK ME, I HACK", gets muted, and forced into freefly
sending personal messages now shows on sender screen too
any player trying to use tsearch or artmoney to change there class id will be forced into freefly
added a filter in message and team message to catch accidental SC pass errors (ie: ,serv>control password)
added basic protection against ammo hacks, this uses a whitelist system (only allowing matching weapon and ammo combos)
so the mod may not work with client mods that change the weapon/ammo hierarchy
removed % symbol from all text (both message and names) to block format specifier crash (replaced with a division symbol)
increased first round delay start time from 20 seconds to 30 seconds

'weapon/ammo whitelist note'

if you think that a weapon is not working on a particular map, please send me the file BadAmmoCheck.txt. I will check the IDs
to make sure weapon and ammo are valid and run an update to the whitelist

'Fake Players Tool'

Due to the way lithtech's server.dll handles joiner packets, i have no way to block this annoying problem.
If your server is under constant FP attack i would suggest getting a firewall.
NOTE: my IP log/ban program will not work to block this tool


if you dont want the weapon/grenade ban feature, set all the weapon/grenade values to 0.
set each weapon/grenade you want to ban to 1
(weapons/grenades can still be toggled inactive via <serv>weaponban command and <serv>grenadeban command from ingame)

'Hardcore Evac'

well, i finally got round to it. the aim is for EVERYONE to evac. that means that every living member of the 
evacing race has to be in the evac zone to start the count, if one member strays out of the zone the count will stop
Why i hear you ask... well, mainly to make it seem more realistic, but also to promote team play (as apposed
to the leg it and hide approach) this isnt an option for the feint hearted so use it wisely!

'IP banning'

there is basic code in this mod to run with my multi server demo ip logging/banning program.
Contact me for details

'Known Bugs'

there still seems to be a bug in the IDs in names... not sure what is causing it or why. ive added a new command 
that should force all the client info to refresh in the meantime (<serv>ClientRefresh)

I have had reports that the mod causes lag on big/event based map (Toxic Feud). i have yet to decide wether this is mod related,
however if you find this to be the case you have 2 options. 1)run an older mod version at the risk of being crashed
2)dont use big/event based maps.

Phantoms: well, there seems to be a lot of discussion about this. people who didnt get phantoms are now reporting phantoms,
people whos lives were ruled by phantoms are reporting much less. So.. whats the dealio??
As you may know ive changed ALL original calls to GetTIme() to an ACTUAL time based method of recording the time (QueryPerformanceCounter
method for all you techs). This WILL affect the way you see your weapons working. (those familiar with the code will know a timestamp is sent
with all Fire and HitFire events which IMO was the cause of most phantoms ingame)
In short, all you pros who learnt to compensate for phantoms will need to retrain ;)

'coming soon'


big thanks to FuzzyKilla (aka [DMH]Keu'r-cte), weapon ban would have taken me a while 
longer without your tips.

FKmod---> http://www.keurcte.darkmoonhunters.com/ <<---curently unavailable???

big thanks to all at AX, XF and Alpha as well for letting me develop in there servers.

thanks to all the clans that have contacted me.

Please report any bugs to Bunny-s
[email protected]

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