more detail version of the 1st camo marine skin


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more detail version of the 1st camo marine skin

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Camo Marine version 2.0

This is my first skin so be gentle.  Most of the original skin is in there still, but I did recolor some of the pants, and all
of the armor in an attempt to give him a more movie style look.  Feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think.  All
Suggestions and constructive critisizm are welcome.

Main re-coloring, and Camo job by:  Athlondude, and a whole lot of Help from Matt Pruitt on getting the rez file in the right

Thanks to Black Angel Software for Winrez, and all the neat helps they had. 

Hope you all enjoy this one, I was tearing my hair out getting it just right!  Enjoy!

Please e-mail all comments too


To install this skin...
1. Create a folder called "Custom" in your AvP II directory.
2. Put the "camomarine.rez" file in this directory.
3. Start up AvP II and on the very first menu with the queen to the left, click "options".
4. Once in the options menu, click "Always Specify"
5. Type in the command line as follows: -rez custom/camomarine2.rez

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