Ce'Kit Predator



This mod changes quite a bit in AvP2, including some weapon reskins, a predator skin, and a completely re-done HUD.



Avp2 Modification: .'. Predator

ModName:Ce'Kit Predator
Author: Sepher and Cyrith
ModType: Reskin of teh pred and hud changes, including weapons.
Email:[email protected]

Discription: Hey guys Seph here, this is my first mod for avP2, im used to skinning but not for avp2,
Im not so happy with everything so I may do a 2nd version of this pack. There are more changes other
then the pred reskin. Like some weapons that have been reskinned slightly, along with the hud, completly.

List of changes:
Hud Tics(health and energy) changed to red(health) and White(energy).
SpearGun, partial parts changed to black.
Spear, not much of a change, I just wanted to get rid of the rustyness.
Disc, I made it more silvery, but I could do more.
Hands and everything are done aswell to match with the Skin.

Overall all of the things(including upcoming skins) changed are changed  to meet that pred reskin's personality and such.

Installation: Extract to your avP2 base, and in the commandline parimiters put  -rez Ck'It

Final Notes: I really enjoyed modding this part of avp2, so you guys can surely expect more skins, even better ones. The rez file says Ck'It, go with it but the original name of the file is Ce'Kit lol

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