Celtic Predator

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Celtic Predator

The celtic predator from the avp movie is now available for you to play with it. This mod replaces the original predator skin for the celtic predator skin. It also ads new inventory icons



How to install this file:
Extract the REZ file from the zip file to the Aliens vs. Predator folder(the one that has AVP2.exe).
Open AVP2.exe and click on the options button.
On the command-line type 

 -rez celtic.REZ
(with a space behind –rez)

And click on the square followed by Always specify these command line parameters 

Click on play and the file is now installed

You are not authorized to use this mod on your mods or to modify it.

by JP54

for any suggestions mail me at
msn: jaoa_alves_54 AT hotmail.com

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