Cobalt Pulse Rifle

File replaces the Standard skin with that of a cobalt rifle.


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File replaces the Standard skin with that of a cobalt rifle.

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                                =={Cobalt Pulse Rifle}==

Cobalt Pulse Rifle textures for the pulse rifle, Aliens versus Predator 2

Name: Cobalt Pulse Rifle
Author: Raijin Z
Version: 2.2
Base: Default pulse rifle textures
Hud: I suppose
Sounds: No

Cobalt Pulse Rifle texture set. Getting tired of those puke green weapons? A nice cobalt steel version, perfect for the civilian mercenary. Ambidextrous ammo counter, now in cool blue! Fixed ammo counter on external skin, and buffed the entire internal skin's gloss up a bit.

-=How to install this skin:

   1. Create a folder called "custom" in your AvP II directory.
   2. Put the "cpulseweapm.REZ" file in this directory.
   3. Start up AvP II and on the very first menu click "options".
   4. Then, in the options menu, click "Always Specify"
   5. Then type in this command line: -rez custom/cpulseweapm.REZ

-=This skin features:

   100% total modification from base.

-=Thanks to: 

   JASC - Paintshop Pro 7.4
   Monolith - DEdit, AvP2
   Black Angel Software - WinRez - Great community

   Raijin Z at

   This is to be freely distributed.

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