Corporal Dwayne Hicks

This is one of Da Griz latest excellent work on recreating Biehn famous character dwayne hicks


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This is one of Da Griz latest excellent work on recreating Biehn famous character dwayne hicks

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Well after putting my head on one of the corp skins and my buddies on the Harris skin, I was pretty pleased with myself and MP took an whole new sense of fun.  (Still trying to get used to seeing my own severed head in the game...OUCH!) I was cruising the AvP sites today and spotted something about creating skins with the characters for Aliens.  So I figured "what the hell? I'll take a poke at it."

I downloaded photos from Aliens and scoured the net for a decent Michael Biehn photo.  The armor is as close to the movie photo as I could get sans battle damage.  The green I used is more olive-drab that the blue-green tint from the movie.  The fatigues under the armor don't match the ALIENS want to pick you the torch an run with it be my guest, but I just couldn't get it looking right so I stuck with a lighter version of the armor camo.

A couple of noteworthy things:

1. The Biehn photo I used is more recent so it's not an exact match from his ALIENS days.
2. I kept the Harris hair as there is a spot on the harris model that is a pain when it comes to hair
   (left side forehead).
3. The padalock and hasp are more center on the chest than in ALIENS (lower and left) but the stretching
   of the skin on the model throws it off when you put it in the true ALIENS position.
4. I used photo realistic clips on the armor...I think they look a heck of a lot better than the
   original AVP2 ones...let me know what you think.

Please e-mail all comments too


To install this skin...
1. Create a folder called "Custom" in your AvP II directory.
2. Put the "hics.rez" file in this directory.
3. Start up AvP II and on the very first menu with the queen to the left, click "options".
4. Once in the options menu, click "Always Specify"
5. Type in the command line as follows: -rez custom/hicks.rez

-Da Griz

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