Dark Drone

Sweet drone skin. A bit clunk when it comes to shading but still good.


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Sweet drone skin. A bit clunk when it comes to shading but still good.

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Dark_Drone                                                                               2/8/03
  Drone skin for AVP2 made by Hell-Spawn

I am Hell-Spawn, i created all of the art of the skin, my friend Red Raptor did a tremendous amount of work on it too, she actually did the work of making it into a rez format readable in the game. She should be credited for at least half the work on this skin. Much, much thanks goes to her for helping me complete this skin. If you have any questions, comments, or flames, drop me a line at [email protected] 
Visit my skin site at 
Visit Red Raptor's amazing site at http://www.planetavp.com/raptor/
I call it Dark_Drone because i basically darkened the drone alien's contrast. I also gave it metallic teeth and metallic second pair of jaws (headbiter), and added some lighter highlights throughout the body as well. The included graphics include an in-game screeny with the HUD, an in-game screeny with the Drone facing me, a second in-game screeny of the sideview of the drone, and the menu select screeny. Be sure to look out for soon arriving other skins. Please visit my skin site at http://skinetwork.tripod.com/ where this skin and all my other skins are also downloadable at.
  English Install Information:
1. Unzip the contents, be sure to keep the .rez file as it is the      one needed to actually use the skin, the pictures and read-me    can be disposed of once you are done with them.
2. Create a folder called "Custom" in the main AVP2           directory.
3. Put the "Dark_Drone.rez" file in this directory.
4. Start up AVP2 and on the first menu screen with the queen   face, click on "options".
5. Once in the options menu, click the box under "Always         Specify."
6. Type in the command line as follows: (copy and paste)
-rez Custom/Dark_Drone.rez
7. Start playing AVP2 and see the skin in action!

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