This map is based on the Counter-Strike de_dust level. Surprisingly similar! This map is more then similar, other then a couple a...


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This map is based on the Counter-Strike de_dust level. Surprisingly similar! This map is more then similar, other then a couple add-ins it is exact. Word of warning, don't kill the eggs unless you want waves of alien bots. Has all speacies weapons. No faults in designers work, but the tarrein is bright which makes spoting preds easy. There is breakable terrain in here. by Shadowraith

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Title                   : de_dust
Date released		: 30. March 2002
Filename                : de_dust.dat
Version                 : Beta 0.8
Author                  : 
Email Address           : 
Web Page                : http://
Description             : Team DM, Survivor & Hunt (if placed in Multi/DM)
			: Evac (if placed in Multi/Evac)
			: Overrun (if placed in Multi/Overrun)
			: DM... I wouldn't suggest it.


Launch AVP2 and open "OPTIONS" on the launch screen.
Add "-rez de_dust.rez" to the Command Line.  Check "ALWAYS USE" if you like.



This version of de_dust can be played very similiar to Counter-Strike's de-dust.
Be sure to read the WEAPONS PLACEMENT for new areas and crucial weapons.

	TEAM 1 needs to get to the Truck,  TEAM 2 starts at Site B, near the Truck.

	Use the bunkers & weldable doors wisely!

Team DeathMatch, Hunt & Survivor:
	Fairly straight forward.  Be warned, there are no random spawn points.

	Because there are no random spawn points, vanilla DeathMatch is not suggested.

Skirmish Mode:
	At each startpoint is an egg.  If you destroy this egg within 20 seconds, it will unlock Skirmish Mode. This Mode is usable in any version (Evac, Overrun, TDM, etc.)  Skirmish Mode does not reset.  If it's on, it will stay on until the level changes.

	The first round (if rounds are used) will feature an extra wave of aliens, be careful! You can control some of the spawning by welding shut vents. This allows your team to secure an area.

	One vent is located in the center of the level, inside.  Shut the vent with the damaged switch and then weld shut the door.  The damaged Security switch causes the door to reopen after a few seconds, so be quick!

	Another vent is located under the bridge area.  You'll have to use the Hacking Device to by-pass the damaged Security Switch, however.  Once unlocked, it functions like the previous vent.

	The last vent is located in the ventilation system of the new Alternate Route.

	An egg is hidden in Site A. Watch out for facehuggers! You can destroy the egg to stop the facehuggers from spawning.

	If you miss activating the Skrimish Mode, you can still activate two of the vents. Just open the vent doors.



With Class-Weapons OFF:

	Marines start without the Motion Tracker or Nightvision.
	Marines start with a Knife, Pistol and Pulserifle.

	Predators start without their Mask, Medicomp and Energy Sift.
	Predators start with Wristblades and Shoulder Cannon.

With Class-Weapons ON:

	An ammobox appears near the start zone.
	Open it to get all your Class-Based Weapons.

Using the Welding Torch:

	An ammobox up high, near the start has a Welding Torch in it. This torch only respawns every 20 seconds, so work together as a team to protect the one that has the Welding Torch! RIGHT-CLICKing while the Torch is active will switch the Cutting mode, to Weld mode.

Weapon Bunkers:

	There are two weapon bunkers in the level.  Each one is padlocked shut. You'll have to use the Welding Torch to cut off the lock.  Once the lock is cut, you can shut the door and Weld it from the inside, to prevent people from entering.  Beware!  The doors are breakable and can be destroyed with a lot of damage.

	Each bunker contains a stash of weapons.  Weapons Racks are mounted on the walls with their corresponding ammunition in an Ammobox underneath. A shelf contains the Motion Tracker, Nightvision Googles*, Flares*, Hacking Device and some Health. Armor can also be found in these bunkers.

	*Nightvision and Flares are not really needed in this level, but I wanted to include the option.

New Alternate Route:

	You can also take a short route between Site B and Team 1 startpoint. Each door has a security lock. You'll need to find the Hacking Device to get inside. These doors are also destrucible.  Remember though -- Aliens can't open doors, just shutting them will give you some time to escape from the area.

	If you want, you can break out the windows and roost.

	This new area has an Energy Sift, Medicomp, Armor and a Health pack.


	de_dust was not designed to support wall-crawling, alien leaping critters. A large impassable wall divides the level in half.  This was added to prevent the player from seeing the whole level at one time (ie. LAG!). Rooftops have been added, however. Scattered around the rooftops are Predator Weapons and Ammoboxes.

Site A:
	Site A is where you'll fine Exosuits, if the server allows them.
	Site A is marked by a Red-Beacon on the Motion Tracker.



The original de_dust texture set has been included with this level.  I intially added detail textures to them, but they detracted from the original look de_dust had.

(Detail Textures add another layer of materials to the textures. This helps the textures look more realistic and less repetative.)



Hackable objects only work once. If the game uses Rounds (such as Evac and Overrun), once a lock has been hacked, it will not be present in the next round.

Breakable Doors break inwards. If you are tring to break out, don't be surprised when you see the door shatter towards you.

Sometimes the static-sunlight does not work, so models might appear darker than they should be.

AI sometimes pops or gets stuck running back and forth. Just put 'em out of their misery.

Breakable objects reset, but the damage count doesn't always. This means after you break a door, that same door in the next round might be totally destroyed with only one hit.

The special Weapon/Inventory works when a new round starts. So, players with more than one life could respawn with incorrect Weapons/Inventory.

I know of a couple more, but I want to see if you spot them :)

To get past some of these problems... set the round limit to ONE, so the level completed reloads when it finishes. Also, don't set player lives higher than ONE.



This is a test level of sorts. I'm using it to see if people like the Skirmish Mode, removal of the Motion Tracker and other staple items at start-up, incorporating the Torch Cut/Weld and Hacking Device and the new Weapon Racks

If you want to offer feedback or suggestions, go to:|AMP|+Development&number=3&DaysPrune=10&LastLogin=

Or just go to "The Mods: Research & Development" at


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