DeAtH AwAkE Clan Pulse

* DeAtH AwAkE Clan Pulse *...


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* DeAtH AwAkE Clan Pulse *

- File Name: DeAtH AwAkE - Make Time: n/a - Character: Pulse Rilfe - Model Used: No - Date Made: 02.26.04 - Rez Line:-rez custom/dacp1.rez OR -rez custom/dacp2.rez

- Instalation:

1. Create a folder in your aVp2 directory called Custom 2. Unzip the rez and take the rez only and put it in that folder. 3. Start up aVp2 and before hitting play, hit the options button. 4. In options, you well see a command line, insert the rez line there. 5. Then check the box that says "Always Specify These Command-line Parameters." 6. Hit ok, and Select Play.

- You can visit the DeAtH AwAkE clan at this link.

- Thanks for downloading my skin, hope you enjoy my work and please spread the word.

- Please visit my site at

gh0sT d0wN

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