Desert-Storm Hans

This is XenoMasta latest desert storm camo skin have fun


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This is XenoMasta latest desert storm camo skin have fun

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                                   --===[Desert-Storm Hans]===--

Desert-Storm Hans (DS-Hans)

INFO: I made this skin to replace my first Desert-Storm camo, since I didnt like it too much and it should have never have
been added to the net in the first place. So in order to get the desert-storm skin off the net again I made this Version of 
Desert Storm Hans a German soldier with a mix of two camo's. The armor camo is based on the American desert storm 
camo, which I think I did a better job on the Hans armor than on the first desert camo skin. Then the pants and shirt camo is
just more of a random camo not worn by many countries anymore. 

Name: Desert-Storm Hans
Author: XenoMasta 
Version: 2.0
Hud: No
Sounds: No


To install this skin...
1. Create a folder called "Custom" in your AvP II directory.
2. Put the "Hans" file in this directory.
3. Start up AvP II and on the very first menu with the queen to the left, click "options".
4. Once in the options menu, click "Always Specify"
5. Type in the command line as follows: -rez custom/Hans.rez

Now whenever playing a game, you will see all Harrison Marines as the "Desert-Storm Hans". 

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