A bit of a pain to rez up and install, but it's a good map. Worth the trouble.


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A bit of a pain to rez up and install, but it's a good map. Worth the trouble.

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Download '' (4.85MB)


This is my first map, Deathmatch or team Deathmatch  should note limit on sniper bullets in class weapons use wisely and only 2 exos allowed
Unzip the file with winzip to my documents in windows then copy the alien control .DAT file to your map folder.          Maps/worlds/multi/dm
If you dont have a folders create 1and name all your folders like as follows.  Click on program files/fox/alien Vs predator 2 put your map folder here.

Should go like this maps/worlds/multi/dm then add the DAT file to the last dm folder.this is where I put all my downloads of DAT files, then in your start screen window picture of alien in options type in the field command line type     -rez maps 
Click the always specify these commands.

The map should show up in your server list of maps before launching your server 


1 last note about rez files
Dont put your rez files in with your DAT files to keep organized put them in your custom folder same as above but in the command line type -rez custom name of the map then .rez

Always interested in any Questions you may have.
Enjoy have fun

            ---------------Hudson hicks Ontario

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