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Installing to install dm_farm map for your avp2 game double click on the compressed file &move the .rez file to your avp2 directory,once its installed startup avp2 & when the screen with the queen pops up click on options & make shure that (command-line parameters) is enable then type this in the emtpy spot under the words command-line -rez dm_farm.rez & enjoy :) License owner of this map RedNeck Gamer.

you cant use anything in or from this map unless you ask my permission to. you can not edit,change,or rename any of the files that came with the & includeing the .zip,& .exe file without my permission.

you may however upload my map through an electronic network as long as none of the files are changed & as long as you follow the above of this license.

This MAP is not made by or supported by Monolith Productions,neither is any of its affiliates & subsidiaries.

if your wanting to comment me about my map,or wanting to ask me something email me at

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Download '' (4.83MB)

dm_farm vbeta
The avp2--dm_farm Map is not officially supported by Monolith             
Productions, Inc. or Fox Interactive. 

This map is specifically designed to work with AVP2
version Using other modifications or on older versions
of AVP2 may lead to unpredictable results.

I do not take any responsibility for any damages that may be caused by this map.
use this map at your own risk!

time to create--7 months
date created--February 25 2007
uncompressed size of map--8 MB

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