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Granny's house, complete with cheese wedge and beer.


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Granny's house, complete with cheese wedge and beer.

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Ratz v1.0  15-05-2006
Created by Yesugei
trauma2000 at

So you're round your grannies and you pop into the kitchen to make
yourself a nice sandwich. The wallpapers crap and the cheese is
not as fresh as it could be but there's beer in the fridge and it
could be a lot worse.

For instance, you could be 4 inchs tall and in the midst of an
interstellar war with two insane alien breeds.
Oh, wait....

DM or TDM map with some nice sniper points for Pred & Human, some breakables
and a couple of teleports to make it more interesting, dark grimy zones
behind the fridge and sink (Hey, it's just like my house!) and a big open
arena in the middle for those that just like to bash it out.

Oh, and if you're gonna have Aliens, you might want to put lifecycle on.... :)

Yes, it's my first map, yes, it only took me a day to make and, yes, I did nick
the idea (obviously!) from the HL Rats series but, hey, my OWN blood, sweat and
tears went into making this...

(and I think that's one of my pubes in that sandwich...)

You know the drill, put the RATZ.REZ file in your main AVP2 folder and add the
options command line -rez RATZ.REZ at game startup, blah de blah de blah...


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