Dome Colony

This map is basically a small domed in mining colony. It is great for humans and predators, though not recommended for aliens. 2-6 players...


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This map is basically a small domed in mining colony. It is great for humans and predators, though not recommended for aliens. 2-6 players work well but it can handle up to 12.

*** Note ***

There is a bug with the elevator. Before you play I suggest you take a drone and climb up to the 5th floor, and walk up to the elevator. Then it should be fixed. I don't know why this is, as I didn't make the elevator. It is a prefab (Coty6floorelevator).

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DM_DomeColony Info
	By: Emerald_Yautja  Febuary 18th, 2003

Part 1: How To Install:

	Step 1:	Place the file DM_DomeColony in the maps folder:

Put DM_DomeColony in: Whatever your Aliens Versus Predator 2 folder
is. Then if you don't have a Maps folder in there, make one.  In
maps you need another folder named Worlds, and in Worlds you need a
folder named Multi, and finally the file goes into a folder named
DM.  So in short the file goes in:

C:\ (or the letter of your hard drive) AVP2\Maps\Worlds\Multi\DM.

	Step 2: Type ' -rez maps ' in the command line.

When the Aliens Versus Predator 2 start up opens, click on the options 
button in the bottom right.  In there you need to type:
' -rez maps ' (no quotation marks) into the command line box.
Below that box is a button labelled always specify command line 
parameters, that needs to checked.

	Step 3: Your Done.

The map DM_DomeColony should appear in the Death Match, Team Death 
Match, Hunt, and Survivor map lists when you host a Multi Player Game.

Part 2: The Story:

DM_DomeColony is a remote mining colony on the planet LV-705.  It was
home to 6 families before a meteor hit the small planet.  The impact 
caused the planet to become unstable, with frequent earthquakes and
numerous volcanic eruptions.  As a result the Weyland Yutani 
Corporation has abandoned the colony and quickly evacuated the 
colonists.  It is the perfect place for, say... hunting, military 
training, setting up a hive, or committing suicide.

Part 3: About the level:

It took me about 2 months to learn how to use D-Edit, and it took a 
month and a half to make this, my first, level.

			***BUG ALERT***
The elevator in the tower is Coty6FloorlLightEvevator, and, for some
reason, will only work after someone has gone up to the fifth floor
and walked up to the elevator door.  I suggest taking a drone and 
climbing up the tower to the fifth floor and doing so.  Then it will
work fine.

I hope you enjoy my level, and I plan on making many more soon.

Part 4: About Me:

Internet name: 		      Emerald_Yautja
Real Name: 		      Matthew Schiller
E-Mail Address: 	      Emerald_Yautja AT hotmail DOT com

I live in Zhoda Manitoba Canada.

Now go play it.

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