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This mod changes music tracks and sound effects (menu, weapons, scanner, taunts ...) giving AvP2 a truly epic dimension! Its author indeed sampled select sounds from the Predator, Predator II and Aliens audio CD and rearranged them a little bit so they fit well in the game.

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Donuts Complete
Music Mod by 666 aka Evil Homer

Ooooook let me get started by saying this is my first mod ever. I was mainly inspired by other mods out there, namely the Alpha sound mods, from which I borrowed a few sounds.

I own the Aliens and Predator Scores on CD (insert here ridiculous amount of money for the Predator scores, DAMN YOU E-BAY!!!!!)  Any way, I decided to take on the task of using those Scores to spice up the game.
It took me a while since I do have a day job and I had no idea of how to use Lithrez
(Thanks Cryogenic for the tips!!  ^_^) Plus the whole editing of the files is a pain 
in the ass.

Please notice that you will not find full versions of any of the albums since the music is under copyright law. But what you will find is a great arrangement of music to fit the games action and suspense. Believe me, the music included is nothing compared to the full albums.

You can actually still find the Predator 2 at stores and Aliens is been available for quite a while too. If the Predator score is what you want, well… good look at e-bay.
Any way, at least until some one comes up with a nice Hadley’s Hope or Predator SP mission mod this will be the closest to actually reliving some of the movies moments, at least when it comes to music.

I actually expect people to take the music files in my mod for future sp mods since this is the first time so much of the movies music has been put into a mod for AVP2.
If that is the case I only ask that they mention where they got the files, if they used mine.
At first I wasn’t planning on releasing my first mod because of its 100 MB size. How ever now I’ve figured out a way to compress the wav files size without sacrificing sound quality.  ^_^  

Now the complete mod is less than 50 MB. Which is very good compared to the 360 MB total. 
By using MPEG - Layer 3 compression and thanks to PsyKore (author of the Fear Maps, Thanks a million dude  ^_^ ) 
Now the mod is more available.
If some one has the time to actually divide it into three separate rez files and then get it up online for the 56k players then be my guess. Just make sure you include this read me file in all of them.
The mod includes main action scores for all three species and music for most of the games cut scenes and events.

If you like the score from the movies then you’ll really enjoy it and find it worth the long download. I’ve also included some taunts and sounds, you’ll hear what I mean when you play Marine and you hear the Predator say…                                                                
nah… I won’t spoil it, you have to hear it yourself  ^_^

To install:

Place DC.rez in your custom folder:

C:\Program Files\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2\Custom

Next, launch the AvP2 Application and in the Options menu type:

-rez DC.rez

Check the “Always specify this command-line parameters” and launch the game.

And your set ^_^

Now turn up your speakers and replay the sp missions.

Well, enjoy this Donut… Mmmmhh…donuts…   ^_^

 666 aka Evil Homer 
dantesdivine666 AT hotmail DOT com

Non- AvP related site:   www.fantasyerotica.net

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