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This program allow you to see into the big files in games like Quake 2 (go look in the baseq2 sub directory, see the big pak0.pak fil...


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This program allow you to see into the big files in games like Quake 2 (go look in the baseq2 sub directory, see the big pak0.pak file, that's one) and extract files to anywhere you want easily. It can also convert some weird formats to common formats (like .ART Duke Nukem 3D files to Windows BitMaP .BMP files).

Version 5 brings modularity and a completly recoded program from scratch in Delphi 6/7. This means much faster and better memory management than version 4. See the SUPPORTED FORMATS chapter to known which files are readable and which file formats can be created/edited.

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Download 'dup500setup.exe' (2.07MB)

^^^ Excerpt ^^^


 If there is a file format you want to be supported by Dragon UnPACKer, contact
the author (see the Contact Me chapter).

 Games                                     Extensions  Tested Comment    
 11th Hour                                       .GJD  Yes    See options/cfg
 Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings                  .DRS  Yes
 Alien vs Predator                               .FFL  Yes
 Alien vs Predator 2                             .REZ  Yes
 American McGee Alice                            .PK3  Yes
*Armored Fist 3                                  .PFF  No     PFF3 only
 Battlefield 1942                                .RFA  Yes
 Black & White                                   .SAD  Yes
 Blood                                           .ART  Yes
 Blood 2                                         .REZ  No 
#Breakneck                                       .SYN  Yes    Partial/Useless
*Comanche 4                                      .PFF  No     PFF3 only
 Command and Conquer 1                           .MIX  ???    By Felix Riemann
 Conflict: Freespace                             .VP   Yes
 Cyberbykes                                      .BIN  Yes
!Daikatana                                       .PAK  Yes    Does not work
 Dark Force                                      .GOB  Yes
 DarkStone                                       .MTF  Yes
*Delta Force 1                                   .PFF  No     PFF3 only
*Delta Force 2                                   .PFF  No     PFF3 only
*Delta Force: Land Warrior                       .PFF  Yes    PFF3 only
 Descent                                         .HOG  Yes
 Descent 2                                       .HOG  No 
 Descent 3                                  .HOG;.MN3  Yes
 Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive                .PAC  Yes    .PAC on the CD
 Deus Ex                               .UAX;.UMX;.UTX  Yes
 Dragon UnPACKer HyperRipper                     .HRF  Yes    v0 v1 v2 v3.0
 Duke Nukem 3D                              .ART;.GRP  Yes
 Dune 2                                          .PAK  Yes
*Dungeon Keeper 2                           .SDT;.WAD  Yes
 Earth Siege 2                                   .VOL  Yes
 Emperor: Battle for Dune                   .BAG;.RFD  Yes    Fully supported
 Evil Islands                                    .RES  Yes
#Excessive Speed                                 .SYN  Yes    Partial/Useless
 F22 Lighting 3                                  .PFF  Yes
 Freedom Fighters                                .TEX  Yes
 Freespace 2                                     .VP   Yes
 Giants: Citizen Kabuto                          .GZP  Yes    Fully supported
 GTA3                                       .DIR/.IMG  Yes
 GTA: Vice City                                  .ADF  Yes
 Gunlok                                          .DAT  Yes
 Gunman Chronicle                                .WAD  Yes
 Half Life                                  .PAK;.WAD  Yes
 Hand of Fate                               .PAK;.TLK  Yes
 Harbinger                                       .SQH  Yes
 Harry Potter                          .UAX;.UMX;.UTX  Yes
 Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2                          .PK3  Yes
 Heretic 2                                  .PAK;.WAD  Yes
 Hexen 2                                         .PAK  No 
 Hidden & Dangerous                              .DTA  Yes    Run the game once
 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin                       .TEX  Yes
 Hitman: Contracts                          .PRM;.TEX  Yes
 Hooligans                                       .X13  Yes
 Indiana Jones 3D                                .GOB  Yes
 Interstate '76                                  .ZFS  Yes
 Interstate '82                                  .ZFS  Yes
 Jagged Alliance 2                               .SLF  Yes
 Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2                      .GOB  Yes
 Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast                     .PK3  Yes
 Lands of Lore                              .PAK;.TLK  Yes
 Lemmings Revolution                             .BOX  Yes
 MDK                                             .SNI  Yes
 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault                  .PK3  Yes
 Metal Gear Solid                                .MGZ  Yes
 Monkey Island 3                                 .BUN  Yes
 Mortyr                                          .HAL  Yes
 Moto Racer                                      .BKF  Yes
#N.I.C.E.2                                       .SYN  Yes    Partial/Useless
 Nascar Racing                                   .DAT  Yes
 No One Lives for Ever                           .REZ  Yes
 Operation Flashpoint                            .PBO  Yes
 Painkiller                                      .PAK  Yes    Thanks to MrMouse
 Patrician II                                    .CPR  Yes
 Port Royale                                     .CPR  Yes
 Purge                                           .REZ  Yes
 Quake                                      .PAK;.WAD  Yes
 Quake 2                                    .PAK;.WAD  Yes
 Quake 3 Arena                                   .PK3  Yes
 Qui veut gagner des millions                    .AWF  Yes
 Rage of Mages                                   .RES  Yes
 Rage of Mages 2                                 .RES  Yes
 realMyst 3D                                     .DNI  Yes
 Revenant                              .RVI;.RVM;.RVR  Yes
 Rune                                  .UAX;.UMX;.UTX  Yes
 Sanity: Aiken's Artifact                        .REZ  Yes
 Serious Sam                                     .GRO  Yes
 Serious Sam 2                                   .GRO  Yes
 Shadow Warrior                             .ART;.GRP  Yes
 Shogo: Mobile Armor Division                    .REZ  Yes
 Sin                                             .SIN  Yes
 Star Crusader                               .GL;.PAK  Yes
 System Shock 2                                  .CRF  Yes
 Terminal Velocity                               .POD  Yes
 The Sims                                        .FAR  Yes
 Theme Park World                           .SDT;.WAD  Yes
 Thief                                           .CRF  Yes
 Thief 2                                         .CRF  Yes
 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2                          .PKR  Yes
 Total Annihilation                         .HPI;.UFO  Yes
 Total Annihilation: Contrea-Attaque             .CCX  Yes
 Tribes                                          .VOL  Yes
 Tribes 2                                        .VL2  Yes
 Trickstyle                                      .PAK  Yes
 Tron 2.0                                        .REZ  Yes
 Undying                                    .UAX;.UTX  Yes
 Unreal                                .UAX;.UMX;.UTX  No 
 Unreal 2                                   .UAX;.UTX  Yes
 Unreal Tournament                     .UAX;.UMX;.UTX  Yes
 Unreal Tournament 2003                     .UAX;.UTX  Yes    Betas/Demo/Retail
 Vampire: La Mascarade                           .NOB  Yes
 Warlords Battlecry                              .XCR  Yes
 Warlords Battlecry 2                            .XCR  Yes
 Who wants to be a millionaire                   .AWF  Yes
 Zanzarah                                        .PAK  Yes

* = Some files don't work properly.
# = Experimental Driver (Incomplet and/or untested).
! = Don't work

   Total:       Supported Games = 114

 If you find other games that work with current drivers please contact Alex
Devilliers with the game name and version.
 If any driver fail to work with a game that should be working, also contact
Alex Devilliers. (see end of file)

 About others Formats

 Game                   Extension   Informations
 Blizzard Games              .MPQ   Don't expect much..
                                    If you really need use MPQView.
 C&C,C&C2,C&C:RA,Dune 2000   .???   Crypted and/or compressed formats
                                    WILL (I THINK) NEVER BE SUPPORTED!
 Descent 1                   .PIG   DDN Specification is bad. So don't expect
 MDK                         .???   Other files than .SNI
 Mech Warrior 3              .ZBD   Very strange format.. I think will not be
 Midtown Madness             .AR    Extract possible but I cannot give names to
                                    files (I don't understand the format)... :(

 If you can help by giving me informations or the specification of the format,
contact me (see Contacts chapter).

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