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As a diversion from some of the other large projects I am currently working on, I decided I wanted to create a small, compact and tightly de...


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As a diversion from some of the other large projects I am currently working on, I decided I wanted to create a small, compact and tightly detailed map for quick release. This map, Dropship Down, depicts a densely forested canyon featuring a dropship crash site. This was a very quick map to build because I used various prefabs created from other maps that I have made to hasten its construction. The crashed Dropship's origin is from an old skirmish map, Primaeval. The trees come from Morlock; and the NoSnap rocks are heavilly modified versions of rocks that appear in an incomplete and unreleased map residing on my hard drive, Hell's Gate.

The title, 'Dropship Down', is an hommage to the Ridley Scott film, Blackhawk Down; which is an awesome - and must see - movie. However, other than the title, there is no resemblance to Scott's movie whatsoever.

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Download 'dropship_down_v1.zip' (2.29MB)

Dropship Down - Version 1.0

General Information:

Game                    : Aliens vs. Predator 2
Title                   : Dropship Down
Version                 : 1.0
Included Files		: Dropshipdown_v1-0.txt - This readme file.
			  Dropshipdown.rez - Game data.
Release Date            : April, 2005
Type			: Multiplayer: TDM
			  Multiplayer: Co-Op (Requires the Imp Co-Op Mod.)
			  Single Player: Skirmish.

Author               	: Phil 'Windebieste' Wlodarczyk
Email Address           : windebieste AT planetavp DOT com
Other Levels by Author  : DM_Ruinous, An AvP2 Multiplayer map.
			  Gladiator, An AvP2 Single Player Predator Skirmish map.
			  SK_Ruinous, Modified version of DM_Ruinous for Single Player Marine Skirmish.
			  SK_A_Loners_Fate, Modified version of Monolith's 'A Lesser Fate' for Single Player Marine Skirmish.
			  Stranded_Redux, Stranded from original AvP remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes.
			  SK_Precipice, An AvP2 Single Player Marine Skirmish map.
			  Tar Baby, Multi and Single Player Skirmish AvP2 map.
			  Backstreets, Multi and Single Player Skirmish AvP2 map.
			  Xenocortex, Multiplayer map for Avp2.  (With PsyKore, under the pseudonym: Sum_Dum_Phuc.)
			  Shafts, Multiplayer map for AvP2.  (Under the pseudonym: Sum_Dum_Phuc.)
			  WiSPa, Map pack featuring 11 Single Player Marine maps for Skirmish play.
			  Subway_Redux, Subway from original AvP remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes.
			  Morlock, Based on HG Wells' The Time machine.  Multi and Single Player Skirmish AvP2 map.
			  NekroSanktum,   Multi and Single Player Skirmish AvP2 map.

			  Wow.  This list is getting long. ...and there's more coming, too!  ;)

Editor Used             : DEdit.
Base                    : Scratch built with prefabs extensively used throughout.
Construction Time       : 15 hours
Processing Time         : Approx. 1 Minute.  Balance set to 950.
Known Bugs		: Please report any undocumented bugs.
New Sounds              : No.
New Textures            : Signature and new loading screen.

Make sure AvP2 is updated to the latest version, which is currently:

Place the dropshipdown.rez file in your 'c:\AliensVsPredator2' folder.

Start the game; and in the Game Launcher's Main Menu select 'Options'.  

Enter (copy & paste, if you like) into the 'Command-Line' field:

-rez dropshipdown.rez

Check the box marked 'Always specify these command-line parameters' to always load the map.

Return to the Game Launcher's Main Menu and select: 'Play'.  The game will then start with new map components loaded.  

To Play the maps:

Single Player Skirmish:  Select skm_dropshipdown from the Single Player/Custom Levels Menu.

Team deathmatch:  Select tdm_dropshipdown from the TDM (ONLY!) maps Menu in the 'Multiplayer' Options. 
Co-Op:  Select the coop-dropshipdown map from the TDM (ONLY!) Menu.  


You will require the Imp Co-Op Mod installed to run Co-Op mode properly. You can download the Imp Co-Op Mod here:


Revision History:

Version 1.0:
	* First playable Version 1.0,  Released April, 2005.

My Thanks Goes to These People:  

Thanx, Praetor for helping to get this version out to the world quickly.
Thanx, to my wife, the Evil Devilfish.
Thanx, Monolith for creating Aliens vs. Predator 2; and then giving us the tools so that we could make it even better!  ;)
Thanx, Imp for proving to us all that AvP2 Co-Op is possible.
Thanx, to everybody who downloads my maps and sends feedback.

Copyright / Permissions
Dropshop Down is copyright, Windebieste, April, 2005.

Other Authors may NOT use the included dropshipdown.rez file or its contents as a base to build additional levels for financial gain.  You are NOT permitted to commercially exploit dropshipdown, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold without my written permission.

You MAY distribute this level and associated files included with it through an electronic network as long as the .zip file contents remain complete and unchanged and may not be modified in any way.

This Text file MUST accompany the map's distribution in its entirety.


Please.  Do let me know what you think of this map.  =)



Hey!  When are you AvP2 Mapping Dudes gonna start making yer own Skirmish maps..?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh..?  

It's friggin' easy to convert a finished DM map into something any non-Multiplayer Gamer can enjoy.  Of the 18 hours I spent on this map, less than 2 hours was spent on adding AI components to it for Single Player skirmish and Co-Op mode.  I know for a fact people will download it just to Skirmish in, so adding the AI will ensure a greater interest and download for your map.  

Adding Skirmish is a quick and easy way to increase the number of people who will download and appreciate your maps.

So, ya got no excuse, guys...  Just do it!

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