Dunya Biochemical Trooper

An new skin which changes the dunya model


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An new skin which changes the dunya model

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                                   --===[SG-7 BioChemical Warhead Division]===--

Dunya Biochemical Trooper

INFO: This is the first custom skin for the Dunya Trooper in avpII. Its the Dunya trooper 
with heavy camoflauged armor and pants wearing a chemical mask for protection against 
any sort of chemical weapons any of the species could use against it. 

Name: SG-7 Biochemical Trooper
Author: XenoMasta 
Version: 1.0
Hud: No
Sounds: No


To install this skin...
1. Create a folder called "Custom" in your AvP II directory.
2. Put the "SG-7trooper" file in this directory.
3. Start up AvP II and on the very first menu with the queen to the left, click "options".
4. Once in the options menu, click "Always Specify"
5. Type in the command line as follows: -rez custom/SG-7trooper.rez

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