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Had fun with the Commando MOD? Was it a bit too hard? No worries, the good FBV has something new for you!!


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Hello everybody! FBV86 returns ( literally, I had to create this new account XD ) Evilution is finally out, it was planned to be released on early June, but I had a lot of issues with my PC. Hopefully, the file works fine: it must work! But if there are any problems with it, post here so I can notice and eventually fix it, oh, feedback is also well-received ;-) Quick description...Evilution has been developed along with my previous MOD, Commando, it has very similar traits, like the ARCADE-ISH gameplay and the more callenging single player experience, but Evilution is not just a copy and paste of its precursor, just take a look at the readme file, and you'll get what I mean.... ...HAVE FUN BOYS AND GIRLS!!!

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Download '95avp_evilution.zip' (146.29MB)

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