Extinctionites Skinpack



similar to the aliens seen in AvP: Extinction (with the exception of the Praetorian, Facehugger and Chestburster). Both playermodels and worldmodels have skins. Also includes skin for the Single Player menu drone.CHANGES--Drones are based on the Warrior from the game, so is coloured dark blue with green markings and white tailblade.Runners are now a dark red/rust instead of the original pink.Predaliens have a darker and more orange skin. Also added a few markings in a deeper orange.Praetorians now have splashes of green, mainly on the crest.Queens are darker and her crest now has some yellow markings to reflect the upgraded Queen from the game.**Chestburster and Facehugger are unchanged. Because the Queen and Praetorian are identical in AvP: E, I made the Prae skin different.**


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