Prepare yourself for a brutal 'close quarters combat' style confrontation against endless AI Xenomorph opponents in a 600 year old...


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Prepare yourself for a brutal 'close quarters combat' style confrontation against endless AI Xenomorph opponents in a 600 year old Predator Combat Arena environment using Skirmish mode.

Using only WristBlades and Combistick, how long can you survive against an infinite number of relentless, blood thirsty Aliens?

Increase your chances of survival by using the Mask, Energy Sift and MediComp - but you must locate these essential items BEFORE you enter the Combat Arena.

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GLADIATOR Version. 1.0

Map		: Gladiator
Author		: Windebieste
Game		: Aliens Vs. Predator 2
Style		: Predator Single Player Skirmish.


1). Create a 'Custom' folder in your root Aliens Vs. Predator 2 game folder 
and place the GLADIATOR.rez in there.

It should look like something like this, where 'Your-AvP2-Game' is the 
installation directory where your game is installed:

2). Start the game and in the Launcher's Options enter into the 
Command-Line (copy & paste, if you wish):

-rez custom\gladiator.rez

3). Launch the game and select GLADIATOR from:

Single Player -> Custom Levels -> GLADIATOR

To Do list:

This is the first public release of GLADIATOR; and as such it still 
contains a few issues that I want to iron out.  As I can't continue
developing this map without further assistance, I am making it 
available in its current version so I can get some constructive 
feedback in order to complete the map to my satisfaction.  This 
doesn't mean that the map is unplayable, no, I am seeking advice on 
minor improvements that unaffect current gameplay.

I require assistance in these folowing areas.  If anybody can help 
me out, that would be absolutely awesome!:

LIGHTING CORONAS AND FLARES - How are these created around light 
	sources?  Also, how are flashing lights created?

AI NODES - Something I have been struggling with for almost a 
	month and have had no success.  There is a Runner in a 
	cell and he just stands there.  The bastard moves to the 
	first node and then stops.  I also want to apply AI Nodes
	to some of the Predator Guards to give the map some more
	dynamism as they roam about their place in the map.

BUTTON SWITCH SOUND EFFECT - There are two wall switches in this
	map and I can't get either of them to play a sound effect 
	then activated, so, they are currently silent.  How do 
	I fix this?

BAD BRUSH - I have eliminated 2 of the three bad brushes that 
	existed.  How can I track down the last one?  When I
	use the 'marker to location' (575.8 672.0 512.0) option, 
	the marker is placed on a brush.  Deleting this brush
	and recompiling the map still repeats the same error 
	and gives the same co-ordinates.  What gives?  What other 
	commands can I use to track down this bad brush?  
	Or is it a bug in the compiler - I have never seen it 
	cause any anomaies in the processed map, so is it that 
	important, anyway?

HULLMAKERS - How are they used?  should I include one or one 
	hundred on this map?  What are the advantages of having
	them and where should they go?

NEW TEXTURES - To be honest, I am sick to death of that brick 
	texture...  Any chance of somebody making some custom 
	textures to replace it?  Also, there are some nice big 
	blank spaces above the 4 double doors in the Combat 
	Arena.  Some nice carved stone or pressed metal textures
	depicting pitched combat between Preds and bugs would 
	look awesome in these locations.

LOADING SCREEN GRAPHICS - Ultimately, I would like to have a new
	Loading Screen graphic.  A friend of mine is helping me 
	out on this one, but we are both a bit stumped on how to 
	do it right, so some guidence is requested.

PLAYING TIPS - Let me know what playing tips you find work, for 
	example: jump onto the burnt-out APC and heal yourself
	... etc.  I will inclide these in the strategy section 
	of the spoiler.  Is this map too hard?  ...or too easy?  

Any help on any of these items will be greatly appreciated; and 
I believe will improve this map.

Phew! Other than those little items there are just a few small 
things that still require some attention, but I can do those 

Redesign the Combat Arena AI.
Align some wonky textures.
Improve lighting.
difficulty levels

Hope you enjoy GLADIATOR.  I will release GLADIATOR version 1.1 
when I solve enough of the miscellaneous items above and feel that 
its release is warranted.

Thanks for downloading and playing this thing.  ...and don't 
forget to let me know what you think of it...  

Cheers.  =)

windebieste AT planetavp DOT com

March 2002.

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