Human Survival Teaser Trailer 2




Well first of all I am [RW] Quest {LGen} long time fan of the alien and predator movies and long time player of avp2. Half-a year ago I decided to write a story entitled Human Survival it took 3 months to finish; i have included the story however it is not properly punctuated. After I finished the story i thought it would be great to produce a movie as well. Instead of other fan fiction films i decided to use fraps to record the shots while in multiplayer wanted and get various friends to do voices for the movie. What I have included in this RAR is the Trailer, which is a preview of the film. You will probably notice that i have used clips from the single player, as I have no idea to do drop ship shots my self. Well enjoy the trailer people please email me your comments at:

The reason I have produced another trailer is because I believe it did not live up to my expectations. So here it is the 2nd Human survival trailer so I hope you will enjoy it.

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Human survival 

Chapter 1- the beginning 

Earth once again seemed like a distance dream to the 6 men that now had another dangerous and perilous mission.  This squad of hardened marines were not just mere mindless soldiers but true friends. The small transport craft came to an overwhelming stop, which shook the sleep chambers containing the marines. The first one to arise form the deep sleep was man with good posture and confidence throughout his body. It was obvious he was the leader and his name was Leo.

The rest of the men waked up in a similar fashion, then headed of to the lockers. Most of them were of average height and build except for yohavepain who was a smaller but was a lot forthcoming than the rest. He shouted “hey sarge what we doing in the middle of no were ” the rest of the squad laughed. “Yohavepain you know its same old same old garbage the company gives us. A shit mission were we check out a grid reference” the sarge replied. Overlord the youngest of them was still a child to them that they had to look after.

The locker room was the cross between an armoury and a bachelor’s closet. They all began to get dressed in full combat gear just like every other mission. Leo stood at the front waiting to start his brief. Yet ozma was still fastening up his trousers. “Morning marines, I know we didn’t get briefed before we left gate way. However I can tell you our mission. Our mission is to make contact with a deep mining colony that the company lost contact with 6 months ago. Hopefully it is just a communication error.” Leo finished. Quest asked “ what about hostiles” 
“According to the company there is low versatile wepondary nothing special” Replied Leo.“K lets rock,” shouted ozma.

The marines were ready and prepped. The flight deck consisted of one-drop ship, an apc, an exo suit and various weapons. Ventrue the pilot climbed aboard the drop ship and brought it to life. Overlord opened the door to his beauty the apc and revved the engine. Everyone else collected the weapons and stored them inside the apc. Quest roared “ WHO ARE YOU!” 
Everyone replied “ RW!!!!”
The remaining marines poured into the apc and locked themselves in for a bumpy ride. The apc reversed into the drop ship as the warning lights beeped into life. The legs of the drop ship curled into its body and the airlock began to open. Ventrue called on the radio frequency “ right who ordered a one way trip to hell?”

The small craft dropped from the mother and precede with it its dive bomb to the surface. All the marines wailed and screamed in excitement, as the ship got closer to the ground. The small mining company became viable to venture as he peered out through the window. “Sir ive spotted the colony it looks in good shape from here and it looks like there’s power” ventrue spoke.
“Ok then bring the ship around, then make for the landing pad” Leo replied. The marines disengaged their belts and grabbed their weapons.

The landing pad itself was in good condition but the complex looked deserted. No beacon or weather data transmitting it was a ghost town. The drop ship landed with great difficulty but with ventures skills there was no worries. The ramp of the drop ship lowered and the apc rolled out and round the corner towards the entrance of the complex.  Overlord turned the apc towards its side and the door positioned perfectly with complex main door. Quest shouted, ”Ok this is it look professional and remember your training” the metal plated door opened and revealed the dusty planet.
“Ok 2 by 2 search of the lower levels, overlord take the apc back to venture and wait for further orders, lets mover out” Leo said and got into position.

“Thanks Leo I get stuck with yohavepain the chatter box” laughed Quest. The 4 marines stood with guns pointing as the pressure door opened. Leo and ozma walked in followed by Quest and yohavepain at rear. The complex looked intact yet no one was around. The marines edged more and more inside to this empty structure. “Guys I don’t like this, were the fuck is everyone” ozma whispered. A door labelled medical came to there attention. There was blood on the floor but towards the base of the door was a hand. Grasped in the hand was a personal log.  It simply read help.

This one hand managed to freak ozma of his head. He darted of down the corridor and at a tremendous speed. Followed by the rest of the marines ozma started to make a distance between them until they lost him. “Overlord set up a tag search on ozma he’s gone missing” Quest shouted. 
“ Until we know where ozma is we go on with the mission, lets head for operations” Leo spoke.  The 3 marines continued on the operations. Meanwhile ozma had steadily got tired then came to a halt. It only took a thought then he realised he was on his own.

Chapter 2- the discovery 

Ozma now on his own he had one choice to prosper on and hopefully find his squad. The corridors of the complex seemed to get darker and smaller round each turn. Ozma got confused like he’d thought he’d seen that door before saying locker room 6b too many times. One thing he did know if he got to some stairs at least that would be new.
Still on track to the operations everything was normal each corridor identical nothing exciting. But for yohavepain everything normal wasn’t normal “ guys have you ever even met an alien, wow its green with 3 fingers woo” he laughed. 
Quest replied, “ I’ve met one and it’s annoying me right now so it better shut up”

Ozma came up to a door it was all gooey and sticky as he placed his palm on it. The sweat from ozma dropped of his face, it was hotter in here than he thought. The door was stuck shut no way he was getting back that way. On the other side of the complex overlord and venture were sipping cold coffee from the supply cabinet. They were just chilling out before they got their next order. Blip the scanner continued on to bleep they had found a signal. “ Shit venture that’s a big signal could that be ozma “ said overlord puzzled. 
“ I don’t now lets check it out in apc” replied venture. They both calmly got aboard the vehicle and drove of down the alley. 

Overlord talked through the radio “Sir we’ve got a signal were checking it out at coordinates 23,84 over and out” venture cocked his bullets to his shotgun and pulse rifle while overlord checked out his trusty knife. Venture looked at overlord and laughed, “you still carry that knife, well nothing beats a good old pulse rifle” overlord smirked and continued to drive this beast of a machine. The apc came to a halt the pressure door was covered in some kind of organic mass. “ Err sir we are unable to precede could you take a look instead “ overlord yawned.

Quest replied, “ Sure we’ll do your dirty work” the squad laughed and walked on to the new destination. The corridors got more and more covered in a mass of some organic material. Of course this didn’t affect these hardened marines or did it. Yohavepains body language got worse like he was paranoid his eyes twitching back and forth. His hands shaking like grass in the wind. They looked on the portable map of the complex “yep this is the coordinates “ Leo spoke out.  However, only a few corridors away, ozma was walking around this door he found trying to make a way through in it. He couldn’t fire he wasn’t a brute. Then his curiosity got the better of him there was a small hole in the wall. 

He knelt and shoved his gun through the tight squeeze followed by him. The small hole was incredibly difficult to get through he hit his head. Though he didn’t know he had knocked his tracker off. A flat line stirred into life in the apc according to the computer ozma was dead. Overlord slumped into his chair and placed his head on the desk. Ventrue just squatted on the floor and held his head in his hands. The 3 marines looking for ozma stopped and just stood in silence. This was a crushing blow to them,

Ozma still pushed on through the small hole going for the exit. He clambered to his feet it was hotter and damper inside the room. The entire chamber looked like it used to be a canteen of some sort for staff but now it was covered in the organic stuff. Ozma thought through his mind is he so stupid to keep on going. So he backed away and of towards the small hole. A quiet screech distracted his movement he edged slowly round hoping it was a stray steam pipe.  Ozma turned of his safety of his gun and swivelled quickly he couldn’t see out. “Fuck” he shouted. He peered over in the corner of the room he could see a small dark figure.

Leo, quest and yohavepain were sill standing and thinking about ozma. Why the hell did he have to run of they all thought. “Uh overlord could you bring the apc round to pick us up there’s nothing here  “ Leo sighed. Overlord started the engines up when the tracker began to bleep again. He looks confused “sir were picking up a very faint signal cant be human, you wanna check it out?” 
“Well it could just be a rat, however it could be one of yohavpain alien dudes,” laughed Leo.
“Yeah” laughed quest. They received the coordinates and walked slowly to the so-called rat. Gunshots went of in background they all pelted it down the corridor with guns ready. Then the shots stopped.

Chapter3- what to do now

Carefully the marines walked on to where the shots had been fired. They found the small hole which ozma had climbed through. Contained inside the whole was the tracker of ozma he couldn’t be far away. “ Ozma! Ozma! Report soldier” shouted Leo. “ Quest gets down that hole”
“Thanks,” sighed quest. With no light to see, quest clambered through the tiny hole. All he could see was the dark features of the organic mass plastered on the walls and floors. When he reached the end of the tunnel there was ozmas body. “ Guys cut down the door ozmas got something attached to his face” quest shouted.

Yohavepain pulled out his engineering kit containing the blowtorch out and began cutting away at the door. Overlord’s tracker began moaning widely, huge signals were appearing on his screen. “ Sir we got signals, lots of signals, get out of there!” overlord boomed. The apc roared into life, while ventrue hooked up a smart gun. Yohavepain was still cutting the door open yet the signals were getting closer. “ Quest there something big coming your way, get ready to move out,” said Leo. Yohavepain finished cutting the door but the signals got even closer. Leo picked and yohavpain picked up the sleeping ozma.

“Sir the signals are 20 meters away, hurry up,” screamed overlord. The apc came to a halt outside the main door of the complex. Quest spoke” what the hell is that!” he fired out a spread of bullets at this beast like thing. Its pace got faster with every shot. The slobbering alien pounced though the air and landed just feet away from quest. With one slick movement he rolled and shot the alien to its grave. “ Well that was easy” smirked quest. 
“Look behind you,” advised yoahvepain. Quest took a hold of ozma while yoahveapin gave these alien suckers a run for there money. Giving them a barrage of fire form his pulse rifle.

Ventrue climbed out of the apc with his huge smart gun ready to cover the team. The 4 marines were just 1 corridor away from escape but with a menace on their case. Leo stopped at the corner and released a grenade form the end of his gun. It seemed to fly like a feather in the wind before it exploded on an alien’s head. Quest and yohavapain put ozma on their shoulders and struggled of to the apc while Leo covered them. Ventrue saw the team and acted straight away. “Leo get in the apc il cover you,” he shouted. With his big gun he minced up the aliens. Overlord reversed the apc on the entrance of the complex waiting for ventrue and Leo.

Both marines backed up by themselves as the aliens got closer they were nearly out of there. Leo chucked his knife into a control button, which caused the pressure door to close slowly. Ventrue backed out with just enough room to spare and jumped aboard the apc. All the marines together shouted” Leo!!! “  Leo pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin while jumping through the last space of the pressure door. Behind him the explosion wiped out a few aliens. He got up and dusted his hands off. With a smile on his face he got on the apc and slammed the door.

“Leo have u ever seen out like that before,” said quest as He looked at it and starred vacantly at it. The apc bumped along the rocky road to the drop ship. “ Nobody touch it could be contagious” warned yohavepain.  They all peered at this weird creature it was like a hand with too many finger and a tail. Nobody dared to touch it anyway any movement towards it seemed to affect its grip on ozmas neck. The drop ship appeared in the distance they were going to get out of here. The apc pulled up beside the drop ship while yohavepain and quest took ozma to the medical hatch. Overlord then reversed inside in the drop ship. Ventrue dropped all his gear in the apc and headed for the cockpit as quickly as possible. 

Ventrue sat down in his flight seat and started the engines up. The transport craft whirled into life once more meanwhile in the cargo bay, ozma laid   helplessly in a coma still like a dead corpse. Overlord ran a diagnostic on ozma nothing came back clear to make a diagnosis. His heart rate and breathing were normal yet he had this sucker on his face. The rocky planet seemed distant to the drop ship as it ploughed through the atmosphere. The main ship grew in size as the drop ship approached it. The cargo bay opened its jaws for the small transport craft as the ship drew closer. “ Guys were back, thank god” ventrue sighed. The 5 marines huddled around the patient as they carried him of to the medical bay. 

Considering ozma was the medical expert of the team the examination of his physical state went slowly. Overlord and Leo began their analysis of ozma and his condition. At first they concentrated on his face and the thing attached to it. “Subject ozma, john. Appears to be in a coma, with an unidentified organism attached to his face and neck”
Spoke Leo into the science recorder. They ran several tests for the next few hours yet everything came back unknown or inconclusive. The other marines looked on with fright and confusion on their faces. Leo stepped out of the white room and took of the lab coat. “ Well guys we cant do anything,” he mumbled.

Chapter 4- the trip back home

The night was normal and uneventful; ozma was still in a coma with a face hugger attached to his face. The guys woke up early and still affected from, yesterdays events.” Mmmmmm pancakes would be good” yawned ventrue while he fell out of his bed. Overlord chucked a pillow at quest who was still soundly asleep.” What!!” said quest after the pillow woke him up. Yohavepain headed straight for the medical bay to see how ozma was doing. “What the …. Guys ozmas gone “ yohavepain said puzzled. They all dropped their gear and began looking for ozma. Small noises came echoing from the canteen all of them stopped and listened. 

Yohavepain crept further towards the canteen, while the rest followed behind him. Through the window they could see a figure sitting on the bench of the table. Yohavepain grabbed a soup ladle and walked quietly towards the person. “Hey guys, what’s up?” yohaveapain stopped walking “ozma” ozma turned around and looked at the rest of the marines. “Where did that thing go of your face” quivered ventrue.
“I woke up in the medical bay and the hand like thing was on the floor. So I put it in a bag and thought id grab a bite to eat” replied ozma. They all took a deep breath and took a seat on the table and had breakfast.

Ozma began to catch up on what had happened while he had been sleeping. Most of it ozma thought he hadn’t been awake while this was happening. “ So you were fighting these massive black creatures then…right” recapped ozma. Ozma and the rest of the guys got up and did there own thing, ozma stayed in the canteen and had more breakfast. Overlord, ventrue. Leo and quest played cards in the recreation area and yohavepain went for a well-earned shower. “ Right, err ill raise you 5,” said ventrue. 
“Too rich for my blood guys” said quest. Overlord looked at Leo and smirked. “ I haven’t got out,” sighed Leo. “Ok what u got ventrue?” smiled overlord and placed 5 more. “ Damn you overlord. I got a three of a kind,” replied ventrue. 
Overlord starred across and spoke” that’s good but Iam sorry, full house. Pay up boys” ventrue slammed his fist on the table and walked out.
Ventrue angered by the card game came and sat with ozma in the canteen. “ Hey ozma you intending to eat all the food mate,” laughed ventrue. Ozma continued to stuff his face while ventrue looked on at him. Yohavpain came and sat down form his shower and placed his head on the table. “ Dgjdj; j; JJ food got stuck “ coughed ozma. He continued to cough and splutter yohavepain shouted, “ He’s choking “ ventrue whacked ozma over the back yet he still squirmed and coughed. The rest of the marines came running over to ozma. Yohavepain tried to give him the Heimlich manoeuvre but he was wailing about too much. A blood patch appeared on his t-shirt and they all backed away.  His struggle seemed to come to a climax and his chest exploded outward. Lying in the innards of ozma a small snake creature lay. It screeched and it zoomed of the table and out of sight.

Chapter 5- the isolation 

The marines knew what to do now they had to prepare for the thing that terrorized the colony and plunged it into darkness. The ammo locker was cleared out into the communications room as in was the most secure room in the ship. All of them were in full combat gear and weapondary yet overlord insisted of keeping his knife with him. “Yohavepain I want you to weld all of the doors crews quarters, the ammo locker, briefing room and the cargo bay” Leo told yohavpain. “ Quest and overlord you set up the 3 sentry guns on the t junction and the other 3 between the engine and command” Leo finished. “ What about me sir” said ventrue.  
“ You send ozmas body into space in full decorative clothing” Leo walked off to communications.

With sentry guns in placed and the doors sealed at every entrance. All they had to do now is to continue on going home as planned. “ Sir everything is up and running” spoke quest as he walked up and down the main corridor. “ However we have one problem the engine room there is no way to close it of” Leo took a deep breath and rubbed his rough chin then began to speak “ I want a smart gun and flamethrower on patrol 24/7” quest walked of with his pulse on his shoulder and his shotgun in his other hand. Ventrue and overlord got the first patrol of the engine decks but at least they had big weapons packing. Yohavepain was loading all the guns in communications ready in case they were needed. Everything was in place.

Overlord pulled out the radio and talked into it “ right that’s my shift over, quest, yohaveapain get your butts down here” quest and yohavepain checked their gear and moved out to the engine room. The engine room compiled of 2 workstations, 4 generators and a series of vents interconnected. “ Christ this place this is huge, sarge” yohavepain complained.
“Will you shut up and keep an eye out for anything” said quest.  They moved further and further into the dark engine room. Quest pulled out his shotgun with his flamethrower and edged towards one of the generators. A rat appeared in front of quest he stood on its body and shot of the head. “Sir don’t worry just a mouse,” laughed quest. 

Quest started talking again “ there’s nothing back here were returning to our post. Meanwhile back at HQ the communications the rest of the men sat and did their own things. Overlord picked the dirt out of his nails with his trusty knife, Leo was lying down on his bunk reading a book and ventrue was writing a letter. “ Hey overlord what you going to do when you get home?” asked ventrue. 
“Well im gonna take my girl out for a night on the town. How about you sarge?” asked overlord. 
Quest replied over the radio” im gonna go and see my brother whose in hospital. Ok yohavepain what about you.”
“Don’t know,” pondered yohavepain. “ Leo ventrue what you 2 gonna do?”
“ Im going to quit the marines and get a real job” laughed ventrue. Leo didn’t reply and continued to read his book in silence.

The ship was all but silent until a passing ship went by giving the marines ship a bit of turbulence. 3 miniature pods flew out of the passing craft and landed on the marines ship. Quest and yohavepain paused then headed of back to communications as quickly as they could. “ Everyone get back here now. We’ve got signals,” shouted Leo down the radio. Everyone lined up inside the communications room with weapons ready. “ Overlord, quest you go check the engine room. Yohavepain ventrue patrol the corridors. Il stay here and make sure nothing goes wrong with comms,” Leo barked and they all moved out to their posts. 

Quest and overlord went further into the engine room than ever before. The floor got sticky and wet under their feet’s as they walked further into the dark engine room. “Sir, is place gives me the creeps” whispered overlord. Quest stopped and listened to the surroundings and turned around 180 degrees. In front of him was an egg shaped object he froze and just stared at it in fright. Overlord crept over to it and peered over it he pulled his gun on its surface. The egg slowly opened up and revealed organic matter. Quest leaned over to it a face hugger sprang towards quest. It was stopped dead in its tracks by a huge knife, which pierced its slimy skin. Acid squirted out all over overlords arm brining him too the ground. 

“ We need a medical kit now. Leo we need a medical kit now “ screamed quest into his radio. Quest walked back and forth checking out the risky area checking for more aliens. A deep laugh rocked through the ship affecting everyone. Quest pulled up his gun looking round with his headlamp. He couldn’t see anything but darkness and the smoke smouldering form overlords’ arm. “ Leo I need medical help now,” screamed quest.” What the.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” quest screams were drowned out by the screams of a beast. Overlord dragged himself to his feet and looked out into the darkness a huge figure appeared. 

Overlord grabbed his trusty knife and ran at the huge creature, swinging his knife violently at it. The creature hit overlord with a sharp tool; slicing his arm clean off onto the floor. Overlord tried to recover but was again hit by the powerful beast injuring him even more. The creature picked him and threw him against the wall and shoved a sharp tool through him. Another victory scream could be heard all around the ship. The creature disappeared again into darkness as the rest of the marines got closer to aftermath of the fight. Ventrue got there first and saw the mutilated overlord, ventrue threw up in the corner. “ Shit, we were too late. Were is quests body” asked Leo
“ I don’t know sir but this is his pulse rifle and helmet” yohavepain answered.

Chapter 6- who’s next 

The ship had become a battlefield for these 3 species but a question loomed in the marine’s head, who will win. With overlord dead and quest missing presumed dead the will of the squad had drastically dropped. Leo had secluded himself to his bunk and he hadn’t moved since they got back form the engine room. Ventrue and yohave pain were patrolling the corridors leading up to the communications. “ Hey ventrue do you know the electrics to the engine room” spoke yohavepain.
“Err yeah why” replied ventrue while he stopped walking.
“Right, is it possible to close of the entire engine room and open all of the airlocks?” suggested yohavepain. Ventrue rubbed his unshaven chin. 
“Yeah that will work, “ said venrue in a more positive voice. 

Yohavepain and ventrue burst into the sleeping quarters and surrounded Leo who was sleeping. “Sir, we got a plan we can beat these fuckers,” shouted yohavepain.
“Yeah all we need to do is have one marine in a ape suit to access the lower controls below the pressure valve “ said ventrue in relief. Leo arose for his back and stretched his legs and arms in discomfort. He yawned several times before he answered. “Guys are you sure about this cause we cant take any fool hardy plans,” he asked. “Well ok but ventrue you’re the only one qualified to use and ape suit” Leo paced around the room then he came to decision in his mind. “ Ok lets do it, however the ape suit has a battery charge it takes 2 hours” Leo grabbed his electronic keys and opened the locker containing the ape suit.

The guys had 2 hours to wait all they could do is wait and pray to god this would work. They had been floating in space for 24 hours with no sleep; this was beginning to get to them. However in the depths of the engine room cries of a wounded animal or beast could be heard. Deep in the darkest part of the engine room a fight was taking place. The 3 creatures that had arrived on the ship were slashing and attacking an alien but not just any alien it was the leader: the queen. The fight continued on as the queen struggled for its own life: without any minor alien to help it was hopeless for this queen. The fight continued on until one creature stabbed the queen; the huge aliens arms stopped waving about and fell. 

The suit was fully charged and prepped; it was huge as it was heavy. Ventrue was the only one who could physically take the ape suit. Yet it still took him 20 mins to put on all the gear and equipment. It came with an incinerator a perfect weapon for a spacecraft there would be no holes inside a ship with that gun. “Right. That’s it guys, Leo take this. It’s a letter,” said ventrue
“Why what is it?” replied Leo. 
“My resignation form the colonial space marines,” laughed ventrue. He walked of down the corridor at quick pace; everything had to go plan. Ventrue arrived at the doors of the engine room he checked his tracker it blipped slightly 20 meters away. He walked further into the engine room it was humid and damp. “Guys, turn off the generators” coughed ventrue. The dim lights of the engine generators flashed and ceased to light. The signal bleeped again onto ventures tracker and he edged further into the room.

“Ok, turn off the heaters,” said ventrue. The room had suddenly become icy cold while ventures breath could be seen like smoke. Further up the ship Leo and Yohavepain waited inside the communications centre. “ Right you have to release all 4 back up cables that are linked to the main airlock. “The first code is x4tyhjk alpha 1” said Leo to ventrue over the radio. Ventrue approached the control panel near the air lock. He typed in the code x4tyhjk alpha 1 and steam poured out from a pipe. The first cable was out. “ Ok ventrue that’s one, right, the second one is qk72njf alpha 2” said Leo.  Ventrue typed in the 2nd code into the control panel; it was getting cold in there. “Ok ventrue your doing great. “The next code is wk7yo2ht alpha 3” said Leo talking into the radio. Ventures tracker whirled into 3 large things were moving towards him at great speed. 

“Shit, they’re coming” panicked ventrue. He fumbled in the key code and got one letter wrong. He fumbled in the wrong code again and again. Finally he got it right and the 3rd cable detached itself from the airlock. “Ok quick tell me the last code!” shouted ventrue. 
“Its heu37a9z alpha 4. Then pull the leaver,” replied Leo. Ventrue typed the code in and the last cable came away with ease. He looked down at his tracker they were 6 meters away. He panicked and dropped the tracker. “Get out of their ventrue RUNNN!!!!!!!!” screamed Yohavepain down the radio.  Ventrue reached for the leaver and pulled it down. All the warning lights whirled into action. There was 2 buttons open and close. Ventrue turned slowly and slid the safety off and fired his incinerator into action. It was short lived. A sharp pain entered ventrues body and he screamed. 3 figures appeared and stood looking at venture with a spear lodged in his back. With his last breathe he the smacked the open button on the air lock.

Chapter 7- Circle Of Death 

The room exploded with e depths of space and the room became a blazing fury of oxygen escaping from the engine room. Ventrues body flew out into space and a tremendous speed followed by crates and junk. The 3 beasts latched onto the nearest thing they could find the smallest one grabbed the pipes. However to no evil into space he flew followed by his big unlucky friend. The last 1 gabbed onto the engine and stabbed his huge staff into the side as a handle. He continued to climb further to the engine room door. Then the air was gone he didn’t have long.  Form his side he shot the control pad to the door with his spear gun. The medium sized beast made it to the door. With the last of his strength he wrenched to door open and then closed it behind him. 

He was free again and with a great roar he spun off the frozen bits off his body. With one touch on his buttons he once again became invisible and out of sight. “Leo I think we should abandon ship” suggested yohavepain. Leo walked around for a few seconds and came to a decision. “Yes, abandon ship. Yohavepain prepare the drop ship. I will set the self-destruct,” answered Leo.  Yohavepain picked up his gun and moved off to the hanger. Leo accessed the nearest control panel and entered the key code. “ Self destruct in T- minus 15 minutes” the computer bellowed. Leo took his gun and walked off towards the hanger. 

“T-minus 10 minutes and counting. All personal abandon ship” the computer wailed. Leo climbed aboard the drop ship one and approached yohavepain. “Yohavepain, I have to get something we leave in 9 minutes,” said Leo. Yoahvepain responded with a nod. Leo ran off down the corridor to the sleeping quarters and picked up a photo; shoving it into his pocket. “ T-minus 5 minutes and counting all personal abandon ship” the computer said. Leo headed back to the hanger and its drop ship. “Yohavepain start the launch procedure,” shouted Leo. There was no answer from yohavepain. “ Yoahvepain start the launch procedure god damn it” screamed Leo. 

The landing pad of the drop ship was already open and Leo walked up to the cot pit. Yoahvepain wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the drop ship. “ Shit yoahvepain were the fuck are you,” shouted Leo in desperation. “T-minus 2 minutes and counting all personal abandon ship,” said the computer. Leo had no time. He started the launch procedure. The ramp curled up into the drop ship. And began t o fire its engine s up. “ Self destruct shutting down” the computer said. Leo immediately shut down the engines. And opened the ramp. When he walked down to the ramp he could see a trail of blood into a room. He followed it. 

The room was dark and his eyes couldn’t focus. He flipped the switch and the lights beamed on. Hanging from the ceiling was yohavepain who had been skinned and mutilated. “No, not him you bastards. He was a kid, you fuckers. Come on fight me “ screeched Leo in anger. With one foul swoop Leo was unconscious. He flicked from reality and back into sleep. He turned his head slightly and he could see the face of the beast. He blacked out once more. The beast made the journey back to his mother ship and left the marines ship empty and full off death.

Leo came to into a dark room where he was chained and locked up inside a cage. He rubbed his face with his sweaty hands. Still dumbfounded by what had happened he started round a full 360 degrees. But something came to his attention this wasn’t a room it was an arena.  All over the place were bones and skulls, parts of bodies, blood and gore. A particular body made him think. He had known him but whom .The hit he had received to make him unconscious was still affecting him. Then it clicked it was Quest. “Quest, you all right” shouted Leo. There was no answer he was dead. 

The arena came alive as beast after beast appeared from their cloaking devices, screaming there evil roars. One jumped of the sides and below underneath Leo. Leos cage sprung open and he fell to the floor with a crack. He stood up and brushed himself down “come on kill me, you killed all my squad, come on kill me” screamed Leo. The predator walked over to quests body was he ripped a knife from the dead hand. Leo straightened his back and cracked his knuckles waiting for a fight. The predator presented him with the bloody knife. Then stood waiting to fight, Leo took the knife slowly. “ So how we play this first person to die loses” laughed Leo

 Leo lunged at the beast’s body but was stopped by the meaty arm of it. He coughed then climbed to his feet to receive a blow to the face and the chest. Blood leaked from his mouth he was losing. Again Leo tried to stab this almighty thing but was stopped again by its mighty hands. Leo had to decide fight or flight. He started to run from his opponent as fast as his legs could take him.  At the other side of the arena Leo waited. He looked around for another weapon, he continued to stare around and there it was a sharp piece of metal in the ground. H e stood around waiting for it “ your no fighter, your like a predator hunting me down just like my squad “ he discovered. The creature had a name the predator and this thing was near unstoppable. 

The predator came around and walked slowly to Leo. The trap was ready he could beat the predator. The predator lashed at Leo slicing his arm, then tripping him up with hid other arm. Leo lay there waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity to get him. The predator lifted his powerful arm and swooped down with his whole body. Leo lifted the sharp piece of metal and stabbed the mighty predator and it let out a wincing roar. Leo stabbed the spike even more into the predator and pushed it over. Knowing it was disabled he took of its helmet to reveal a face of talons and teeth. “ Your one ugly mother fucker “ said Leo.  The predator took one last roar and it died right there. 

Leo stood distraught for the whole experience and swayed waiting for something. All around him predators uncloaked varying in height and build, they surrounded Leo in a circle menacingly. The most decorative predator approached Leo slowly carrying a small item of appreciation. It was a small dagger in crested with predator language and human languages of all kinds Aztec, Egyptian, Malaysian and so on. Leo grasped the elaborate dagger   and looked more closely at it. The predators picked up the dead clan member and clocked into nothing ness. Leo looked up in the room as he could see the stars and planets flash past the view window. 

Jupiter followed by mars flashed passed in the blink of an eye. Then earth appeared in all its glory and the predator ship slowed until it hovered above the atmosphere.  The room Leo is in lights up and reveals a 2 small pods; one already occupied by a predator. Leo peered inside the missile like structure and examined how plain it really was. “Hey do you want me to get in this damn thing? “ asked Leo. There was no reply so he got inside anyway and stood waiting for something to happen. Then without any warring the door slammed shut and both capsules moved into a shaft. The predator ship speeded up and the 2 capsules fired out form the ship. They both plummeted through the atmosphere and onto the earth. The radar stations of earth lit up and Leo was on his way home. 


This is a brief preview of the 2nd story written by Quest

RW story- predator 

Few creatures and organisms only inhabited the deep wasteland that was space. Its massive structure and presence could only be broken by the must intelligent of creatures. The few creatures that did roam the galaxies did this in huge ships carrying countless numbers of there kind. Certain planets of these immense galaxies would be picked out for certain purposes for the hunt. Theses creatures were not only fierce some but legendry across time and space. One particular planet that intrigued them the most was earth. The humble planets of the humans were constantly kept an eye on. They knew they could not send hundreds of their kind to hunt they had to draw them out to the deepest reaches of space and let them multiply.

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