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The Folder Impcoop contains a few sample levels from the marine single player campaign just so you can try it with some friend. Place...


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The Folder Impcoop contains a few sample levels from the marine single player campaign just so you can try it with some friend. Place Impcoop folder in your main avp2 directory, once placed run avp2, when the splash screen appears click options and place -rez impcoop and run the game. You can either run the maps in TDM or overrun, if your setting it to overrun make sure you set the time limit to 0 and set the lives to whatever you want.

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=============Imps Coop Fix v1.0=============
==========Created By: Imp Hunter============
======Harvenger_of_souls AT hotmail DOT com========

2) Setting up player count
3) Combing with custom maps / x-coop
4) Evil Known bugs
5) Final Notes

2) By default The attributes are set for 2 players, to change the difficulty for increased players go to your impcoop folder and open the folder called Player Settings then open the folder that you want the count set to e.g. 3-5 Player and copy the files in it, then navigate to the Attributes file located in the Impcoop main directory and paste n' replace the current ones

NOTE: Client will need to have the same Attributes set up to join a server e.g. both running 3-5 player butes, also don't complain if you play with 2 players on 6-8 player setting and the ai kills you too quickly / takes a beating to put down there’s a reason its labeled 6-8 player :)

3) To make your custom map support coop add a good few game start points (prevents telefraging) and create a folder in your rez named Attributes with the settings you want to have (player count), at the moment if you want all 3 versions you'll need to create a separate rez for each setting (boo hiss :( currently trying to sort this out as its a pain in the arse). Oh and if you use this coop fix in a map / mod a simple mention in the Credits or read me will keep me happy :D

Support for x-coop is simple, take the Attributes you want to apply with from Impcoop/Attributes/x-x player and paste them into X-CoopMod\Attributes and your set.

4) Evil bugs! Lets see, this ones been with us for awhile, if you exit the level in the normal manner, e.g. exit trigger for single player maps the server will crash and resume in single player mode, so there for, exit trigger = bad, bear this in mind mappers :P.  Animation for the aliens crawling on the floor when you remove a leg very politely ;) some times works, sometimes doesn't, its a picky little bug, and weapon selection icons get messed up sometimes because of the added Hacking device / Torch, its being fixed now :)

5) i gave the Minigun a new impact fx, it doesn't increase damage but i thought it looked cool, To access the hacking device/ torch select the knife, Oh having class weapons enabled is a must. If you find any bugs or have suggestions to the new version be it the ai was too hard / easy or i would like to see x y z, drop me an e-mail at the above address.

Credits for helping me test go to Clan sUk, many a time have they been great test subjects :D

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