My first impressions of INFESTATION were that it was just a short single player map like the FEAR series. There would be good moments but...


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My first impressions of INFESTATION were that it was just a short single player map like the FEAR series. There would be good moments but no story and only one or two levels.

heh, man was I wrong. INFESTATION is an entire Campaigne for the Marines in AVP2. It spans about 4 levels, each one Action packed and well constructed and driven by a captivating storyline. The lighting is very supportive of AVP's original "What you can't see, can see you and kill you." policy. The voice acting seems abit out of place but hey, these guys did a great job.Minor bugs here and there but none that will really bother you during the game. keep in mind the Menus are in French.

Well there's quite abit to it. I'll not spoil all the goodies for you.


I'll probably be flogged for saying this but I recommend getting PROJAM's AVP Mod and adding this command to your startup option. -rez custom\PROJAM4_4.rez -rez custom\INFESTATION.rez

that will run INFESTATION with all of PROJAM's goodies. We're still tyring to get permission to host PROJAM's mod here so you'll have to go elsewhere until I get word from him.


I think there was another Single Player campaigne for AVP2 that went under. Was called dark showers or something.

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Download '' (28.64MB)

NAME                   : LV-666_INFESTATION

Author                 : Hamm3R

Version                : 1.0

Release date           : 30th May 2004

Other levels by author : (for AvP2) [BLITZ]Playground (Dm), [BLITZ]-Bastards- (Dm), Limpboy (SP missions)

Level Editor           : Dedit

Building Time          : 4 to 5 month

Base                   : None.

Custom Textures        : None.

Custom sounds          : Yes.

Contact                : msn messenger/e-mail adress => [email protected] BLITZ site =>

Single player          : Yes.

Multiplayer            : No.


Installation : Unzip the file in your main avp2 folder, then in the command line parameter (Options menu when you launch the popup window)

type : -rez INFESTATION.rez

then, go in the Single player menu, the first level should be in the custom maps section. (others levels will load as you complete the current one).


Author's notes  :

Infestation was my first try at a whole Single Player campaign since the very begining of my level designer "career", as I was completing the missions,

I was learning more and more from dedit even if I already had a good knowledge of it. That campaign it not perfect at all, but i tried to give it a kind of 

"professional" look, and i think I was pretty successful at it. As it was my first attempt of a true campaign, and as I am a true fan of the original SP campaign

and of the ALIENS movie, for the global design i tried to stay as close as possible to what a generic Weyland yutani complex would look like, for that, I took

a lot of inspiration from the ALIENS movie and I studyed a lot the Sample files supplied with the tools, to get a clear idea of how are done the basic structures,

according to a typical weyland yutani corp. architect. But the part of the work i put a very particular attention in was the AI placement, settings, and scripting,

trying to improve a maximum the difficulty without falling in the cliché of making tons of aliens runing dumbly at the player and raping his innocent ass. As I play a 

lot AvP2 in multiplayer, it was also interesting to keep it a challenge to me; thats how came to my mind the ideas of heavily scripted sequences to make intense fights

versus predators as you're progressing in the campaign. Globally I'm pretty satisfied of the result, but there is still a big lack of personnality and style; which means

from this point of view, Infestation was a kind of test to help something bigger and a way more interesting to be built afterward.

Credits         :

thx to Wooshy, Devil, Zenio and jester for voice acting, i must have pissed them off so much when i asked them to redo some of the recordings billions of times :p

Thx to Jimmy, Killz3Dmappa, devil, and [AoR]Zuul for beta testing and support.

Thx to monolith for supplying sample files from which i took insipration and prefabs.


Copyright / Permissions :
INFESTATION is copyright, Hamm3R. december, 2003.

Other Authors may NOT use the included INFESTATION.REZ file or its contents as a base to build additional levels.  

It may not be modified in any way. You are NOT permitted to commercially exploit INFESTATION, 

i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold without my written permission.

You MAY distribute this level and associated files included with it through an electronic network as long as the .zip file 

contents remain complete and unchanged.  

This Text file MUST accompany the map's distribution in its entirety.

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