Island of the Dead



This single-player campaign promises to be an eerie addition to your collection. Based on the works of the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin, this campaign is designed for a spooky experience. The author recommends you quicksave often to avoid a surprising and gruesome demise.



ISLAND OF THE DEAD - Single Player Campaign  -  READ ME

SP-Campaign "Island of the Dead" is a hommage to the five paintings of Arnold Böcklin called "TOTENINSEL"
(german, that means Isle of the dead), he did between 1880 and 1886.
This Campaign contents one Story in five Chapters.

++++ +++ IMPORTANT +++ +++

Deadly Surprises: -Make sure that you quicksave from time to time, then you don't have to return to start,
because THERE IS NO AUTOSAVE in the game.(remember: Quicksave F6, Quickload F9).
At some points in the game you have to choose a way, or you have to try something, what could be a deadly trap.
AND: You never know what's behind the door...

-Please disable other mods or Custom Levels, while you load and play ISLAND OF THE DEAD.
I've changed a few things like HUD, Menu Screens, Sounds, Skins etc., importent for that spooky mood.

-You don't have to use any Cheats, because there'll be some tactical ways to destroy or dodge your enemies,
and the whole Thing isn't that difficult...

++++ +++ THANK YOU +++ +++


In the custom Level menu screen you see the levels:


Start always on CHAPTER0 (the Movie) or later CHAPTER1. When you start on other Chapters from this screen, you won't come far,
because you wouldn't have weapons or nessessary tools from former Levels.


If you find some bloody pieces of paper (memo) on the floor, take a screenshot (F8), or better a piece of paper and a pencil,
and try to copy it. Try to find all parts of the puzzle and try to put them together, it could save your life later.


Installing Instructions:

Put ISLAND.REZ in your main AliensvsPredator- Folder, just where the other rez-files are.
Launch the game, and in the start window, under options you type (or copy and paste this):
Make sure that you have disabled other custom levels, mods or changes (don't mean DM-Maps),
before you start with tis level. 
Recommended In-Game-Options:
Screen resolution 1024x768x32
Details: high

Play when it's dark outside, and you're alone.
Then turn the light down,
and your speakers loud enough...


SP-Campaign "Island of the Dead" is a hommage to the five paintings of Arnold Böcklin called "TOTENINSEL"
(german, that means Isle of the dead), he did between 1880 and 1886.

A lot of Artists in the last century created many other versions of it.
(You know: Swiss Artist H.R. Giger, the father of Alien)

Some sound effects I got from the game "SILENT HILL - THE ROOM",
and some effects I took from the movie "THE RING".
The Intro music is a reproduced sample from the game "SPLINTER CELL"

Other sound effects and the music by "TRIBAL NOISE" made for this Campaign


Thanks to the AVP2-Community for tipps, answers and influences, to create and finish this Campaign.
And Special Thanks to Windebieste :-)

I hope you like it and don't forget to check out my other maps and levels on  www.avp2mods.com/artalavista

Artalavista :)

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