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If AvPvM was the thing! this map is it, at nearly 30 megs to download it's very nice..and I mean a nice addition to the AvP custom map community. A very large jungle atmosphere is the theme, waterfalls with a wooden footbridge and lots of trees for the aliens and predators to move about in. But fear not, a marine with a smart gun is a tough opponent in open areas for the two monster species to come out and reveal themselves. Small hills and the open area trees themselves will provide cover for the human, aliens will enjoy the tree's nice spacing for tree to tree leaping. Predators may adapt to both terrains equally. A great sound track is included with some great sounds to make you stop and listen. After some testing I was very pleased with the overall work. The only downside to the map..well I was expecting the jungle to be a bit more dense, thinking this was the type "Dutch" and his squad met the Predator in the original movie. The trees used in the map are the standards from the SP game, maybe a few custom made ones would have been nice to see to change up the scenary. Det Pak This map has a large look, but it is deceiveing. That largeness is gotten by the thick fog and four level trees, in actureality is no bigger then the "lesser's". All weapons are here, all pred weapons are uptop. There is a torch hidden on the grounds which can be used to make three bunkers with autoguns. The autoguns can be switched control of for marine and corp, anyone sneaky enough can switch the control with it fireing (hint preds). The readme states you can't hear preds due to waterfall, that is not ture..it is if your standing near it. Word of warning, the Sadar can see the full length even tho everything else wont see past the fog (and for you cheaters it's not on the fog table). by Shadowraith




Jungle is a DM, Team_DM, Overrun, Survivor, Hunt, Evac map for play with AvP2. Special thanks to Alf-Life and Coty who contributed heavily to the texturing of this map. It would not have been possible w/out the texture and alpha work that these two put into the map. Also, thanks to Sgt_Stew for doing the announcer voice. 


The update includes:
*Adding spawn gaurds to the DM maps to keep players from spawning to the bottom of the map
*Spiders, proxies, remote bombs and the like can now stick to the terrain
*Fixed the password bug in evac_Jungle_Password
*Changed the password time from 2 to 1 minutes. Password will no longer be good after the door is opened, or after 1 minute
*Added an announcer for evac_Jungle_Password which keeps track of password validity.
*Fixed the credits to include Sgt_Stew for his voice contribution
*Fixed a geometry error in ctf_Jungle
*Fixed a small clipping error which allowed bugs to get outside the map.

-Turrets / bunkers / ladders can be repaired. Some times you will have to use the alt fire of the torch.If a turret is broken, it'll fall down and smoke, you can only repair it after it stops smoking
-Torches don't respawn in the same place until a torch is picked up from another spot. this has been implemented to make torches more valuable and to get rid of torch camping.
-The password in evac_jungle_password is only good for 1 minute now
-The turrets always spawn to target corps, if you're unpackign a turret as a corp: be careful.


JUNGLE should be inserted and run from your main AVP2 directory, insert the rezfile into the same directory as AVP2.exe Lithrez.exe and the AVP2.rez files You will need to run the rez file from the popup AVP2 Menu.(note that the accual REZ file goes here, not a folder containing the rez file)


In order to run the map pack to be compatible with online play you need to insert this into your options command line-rez j.rezi


The map has bunkers that you can construct using a torch. if somethign doesn't want to weld TRY SWITCHING TO THE ALTERNATE FIRE MODE ON THE TORCH this should make the object weld properly.

The turrets can be set to target either marine or corps (in addition to aliens and preds) with the switch on the power generator. If you're a corp and you're unpacking the turret, make sure that you're behind where the turret spawns else there's a very likely chance that you'll get shot... at point blank by a sentry turret. (pain!)

CTF Domination mode runs for 10 minutes. at the end of the 10 minutes, the team with 2 or more flags secured wins the round. It's sort of like UT Domination only the winner is decided by who controls the most number of the flags at the end of the round. 

You can get a new password for the door ever 2 minutes. it's like this so that an opposing team can't just idle by and change the password on the advancing team. Also, if you open the door, the password resets after the door closes. The advancing team will have to hold out for 2 minutes the first round so that they can get the password ( I recommend 3 minutes as the time limit for this map). There are two places in the map where you can get a password, they're both at bunkers. Just click on the pass pad to get a new password composed of the letters E V A and C (EVAC). It's impossible to just guess a password and open the door, so don't waste your time try *grin*.

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