LV-787 Xenomorph Skin Pack

Large skinpack including reskins of most of the aliens in the game. It also includes some minor HUD tweaks for a few of them.


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Large skinpack including reskins of most of the aliens in the game. It also includes some minor HUD tweaks for a few of them.

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Avp2 Modification: AL(I)ENS

ModName:LV-787 Xenomorph Skin Pack
Author: Sepher
ModType: Reskin of pretty much all of the alien classes for aliens vs. predator 2.
Email: [email protected]

Discription: Well I really enjoyed reskinning these guys, for the first time. My Theme was a toxic spill kinda thing, so I added a backstory to give them more integrity. Lv-787 was a lone backwash planet, that had high deposits of unknown toxic chemical material. You all know the story a jocky lands on the planet and infests all of the passengers. A queen starts a hive on a toxic area of the planet, resualting in genetic transformation of the xenomorph strain, for lv-787. The resualts where mild, Greenness like texture on the Pharamone pits. The only xenomorph mildly effected by this strain was the Scapegoat\Runner class, because of its self distance from the hive at large. 

List of changes:
Pretty much everything, sorta. The regular skins have been altered. And the hud for the predalien and runner has been changed, slightly.

Overall I am very proud of this project, maybe I will release another version, but I doubt it. However dont loose hope because I may start a new one lol.

Installation:There are 2 ways or however you want, but if you are unfarmiler with the installation process mostly 2 farmiler and understandable ways. 1 is to extract eaither to the base Avp2 folder, or to your custom folder if you have one already. Then in the command line add eaither -rez Lv787_xenomorphs, or -rez Custom/lv787_xenomorphs. Eaither way it will work.

Troubleshooting: I have not discovered a problem with this skin pack, however if you play avp2 frequently, and you have many commandlines listed, you will incounter problems joining servers.

ScapeGoat Xenomorph Status Readout:
The Scapegoat is a mild form of xenomorph, similer to human babys born with cromosomes Lower then average, resulting in a case of 'Down Syndrome'. Like wise with this type of xenomorph, it has shown emotions in almost all areas similer to a person with a mental disability. Dispite all of these facts, it seems as if the ScapeGoat is more human then the rest of the species. Nevertheless the scapegoat breed is very hostile. 
Hive extraction teams have encountered the scapegoat breed everywhere, within the hive, and even in urban colony areas. We have never tended to get one under contained care, because of the fact that when captured they purge or kill themselves.

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