This is (hopefully) the final revision of MicroMod, intended to tone down overpowered weapons and make others more useful. Nothing tracks, nothing stuns, and almost nothing uncloaks. Welcome to a more fair and balanced AvP2 experience.

Weapons that can drop opponents quickly have are no longer 'all powerful', and tracking has been removed completely. Predators and aliens are faster. Class weapons have been moved around a lot as well. I made a load of sound changes in this version (especially to humans) by adding some new taunts, different pain sounds (humans), and aliens are a little more stealthy in the sound department. I think I've finally fixed all the quirks of earlier versions, but please send me some mail if you notice anything strange or have other suggestions.

Oh, and mad props to Roh for all the help beta-testing stuff! :P



//Please send comments or suggestions to aylar_warsong AT yahoo DOT com//

No weapon stuns and no character can be stunned

I added 9 new 'taunts' to the human characters, male and female
Modified taunts a little for predators, heavy predator has more taunts
All aliens have different/more taunts

Human sounds aren't so weak any more, ESPECIALLY for the female characters

Really powerful weapons can only be carried with a pistol & knife (only applies if class weapons are enabled)
Humans spawn battle-ready, with more default primary ammunition and max body armor (down to 100)
Humans don't jump as high, but you should still be able to get up on boxes.

+Pulse Rifle does 20 ARMOR PIERCING damage, holds 4 grenades, no stagger-firing, less accurate, grenades fly slower,
	are affected by gravity, 250 wide area, grenade damage up to 300

+Grenade Launcher
	-lost spider mines
	-EMP grenades have a 250 wide detonation area, but do almost no damage, and completely
	 drain the energy of any predators caught in an EMP blast
	-Timed grenades explode a little faster, and have a 350 wide blast radius

+Pistol does 25 normal/Armor Piercing damage, 14 bullets in each clip, increased range

+SmartGun has lost tracking ability, now functions as a heavy machine gun, dealing 30 normal damage per round.
	-comes fully loaded with 900 rounds

+SADAR lost tracking rockets, comes loaded with several rocket tubes
	-2 rockets/tube

+Rail Gun got a slower rate of fire, comes loaded with 24 rounds,
	damage down to 180 per round.

+Minigun is much less accurate, kicks a bit harder, and comes loaded with 900 rounds

+Flamethrower is much more powerful vs humans and predators, dealing 25 area damage and an additional 100 damage
	to opponents who catch on fire.  However, mature aliens will not catch on fire.  Comes loaded with 200 ammo.

+Shotgun gets a smaller pellet spread, slugs are more innaccurate, slug damage down to 150.

+Exosuit cannot jump, because that never made sense anyways

...are generally faster, except for the light predator, who is a little slower.
Class weapons got shuffled about, but not that much.
The Medicomp costs a measly 3 energy to use, but other players *should* be able to hear the yell now.
BEWARE EMP grenades!  EMP damage will uncloak you and instantly sap ALL of your energy reserves, making you
	an easy target.

+Melee Weapons hit closer to the crosshair, so they are more powerful (if you are accurate).  Combistick range is down
	a little bit

+Pistol is a last resort weapon, dealing 50 impact damage and 25 area damage, using 6 energy per shot, with
	secondary fire disabled.  It also deals EMP damage, which will sap your energy reserves in a hurry
	if you accidentally damage yourself with this thing.  NOT a close combat weapon!

+SpearGun shoots a little slower for both fire modes,
	with secondary fire being less accurate, spears leave a short-lived visible trail

+Shoulder Cannon is standard issue for all predators, and does not track
	-plasma flies faster
	-hit damage is increased to 50/100/200, area damage down to 10/50/100, 250 wide area
	-does not uncloak

+The Disk does not track, costs very little energy to recall, does not uncloak, and leaves no crazy red trail.

+Remote bombs default ammo set to 6, max is 6 as well.  Bombs fly slower at 1200 speed.

+Net Gun is back to normal rate of fire, and net fly speed set to 900

...are much faster than normal!  Devouring your kills (or anyone else's) restores more health.

Claws are more accurate, and hence more powerful IF you are accurate

The Queen is smaller to help her navigate tighter levels

Headbite range is down to 150, so you have to be pretty freakin' close...

Aliens have a lot more air control.

Mature aliens don't catch on fire.

The Drone gets a +20 speed boost when crouching, but then of course your face is an easy target while crouched.

+Tail jabs deal 50/100/200 damage, the runner cannot tail as a weapon, tail range down a bit

+Runner Pounce damage down to 150
+Drone Pounce damage up to 175
+Predalien Pounce damage up to 195

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