Nostromo Map Teaser (Vid)



Welcome to the ship Nostromo where the first Alien film took place... Mother the artifical computer has set the ship for a new course to investigate a distress beacon on LV-426... Can you survive the horror to come?



Nostromo Preview 2008
     ~for avp2~

This is a short demonstration of what I have been working on as a main project, the Nostromo ship from the first alien film.
This map is near completion for multiplayer and there is much more to a single player map but you can expect one with all this work
I have put into it. If all goes well you should be playing this soon... And the memories of the first Alien film will fill your heart
with fear... Many familiar locations and new ones... Most of all there were few and minimal blue prints of the Nostromo, So I had to watch
and watch the film over numerous times. Like a broken record it still plays well as a map and with my imagination I think I put together
something if perfected up to Sierra's par will be a decent DM map, and suitable for a single player mission. Yes and what a better class
to make a single player map for but the Xenomorph... The concept came to me when checking on numerous forums people were suprised not to see
a remake of this great freighter ship. So I tackled it and you tell me what you think keeping in mind that I still intend to make changes, and
have others test my work for flaws. There are other areas and the map is quite large also so... Whatever...

An extra note I have much more projects that I have been working on the side and you will also see more from me... Let Avp2 prevail and live on!!!
And to that I think I will jump on board with Aliens: Colonial Marines and map/mod for that game once it hits our pc's...

krazed1st at hotmail dot com

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