Red Dwarf



Red Dwarf is now a playable avp2 mod, this will be a excellent threat for the fans of the tv show.



RED DWARF MOD by Matthew C Harris
(Only affects the Marine)

This mod is based on the comedy sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf, as the title suggests.

Contained within REDDWARF.REZ :

- New Weapon, The Bazookoid - based on the Series 6 Mark 1 Version (Player and AI models included, replaces shotgun)

- New Harrison skin based on the Canaries uniform from Series 8.

- New Health display

- New Armour display

- New Green Hud

- Variety of other small tweaks (including ammo box skins and menu marine skin)

The Bazookoid is a portable rock blasting laser and as such it is know the most powerful weapon in the Marine's arsenal. If you are playing as the marine this is NOT a close encounter  weapon. If you are playing as an Alien or Predator you won't stand a chance against a Marine with a Bazookoid.

The Canaries are Red Dwarf's own Convict Army.

- Unzip REDDWARF.REZ to the Custom folder in your AVP2 directory (If you haven't got a Custom Folder, create one).
- Run AVP2
- At the launcher program, open the options menu and check the 'Always specify these command-line parameters' option
- Type the following  '-rez customreddwarf.rez'  into the command-line and launch the game.

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