RFW Map Pack

This map pack is composed of 11 MP maps. Here are the maps it contains:

|- dm1_breakdown by Mod Maker |- dm_terraform by Ken \...


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File Description

This map pack is composed of 11 MP maps. Here are the maps it contains:

|- dm1_breakdown by Mod Maker |- dm_terraform by Ken "Dutch[K]" |- dm_huntingground by Sno Ball |- dm_hallways by 101st_LtCO_STEF1204 |- dm_triplecollision by Gabor |- dm_warehouse_2 by Bastiaan Pot |- dm_overwatch by Kevin "Trick" |- dm_powerfailure_01 by Sno Ball |- dm_jungle by Red Riot |- ghostship by Cookiepuss!! |- snacklab by Drex

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Download 'rfw_mappack_v1.zip' (23.24MB)

RFW Map Pack version 01
compiled by SchrodingersHampster (S.Hampster AT paradise DOT net DOT nz)

Well this is just an aperitif, it's a cut down version of the BAM Community map pack with a couple of extras thrown in.
All the maps selected are MP DM style maps, the selections are ENTIRELY my own favorites.
If you would like to contribute to the next pack or have any opinions or reviews of maps please email me or post on the RFW forums.
Note, that in the case of dm_warehouse_2 there seems to be more than one 'warehouse' map out in the wild, but sometimes both of these maps are called dm_warehouse. This will lead to a rejection if the server you are on switches to the 'other' version.
Enjoy :)


1. If you do not already have an *archived* custom map folder (.rez files) then make one.
(pick a simple name like "rezs" and place it in your "aliens vs predator 2" directory.

2. Extract the file RFWMappack01.rez to that directory.

3. Load up the AVP2 start screen and select options.

4. Under command line add the following command (if you already have a commands seperate them with spaces)
-rez rezs\RFWMappack01.rez

5. You are now ready to rumble. The maps in the pack should now show up in the maplist under "host a lan game"

Note: If you are running a dedicated server with these maps you need to configure the server seperately. Look up the previously mentioned installation thread in the RFW forum (Mods room).

Thanks for your support and thanks to all the ppl who put the time and effort in to make these maps.
Big ups to the AVP2 mapping community, keep it up guys, this stuff rocks.
Finally thanks to Kami for hosting this file so that the crew can get a hold of it :D

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