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Author:Hellscream )Rv( Email:the_wanted-man@hotmail.com Homepage:...


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Author:Hellscream )Rv( Email:the_wanted-man@hotmail.com Homepage: http://hellskins.co.nr

Info: This was my first skin. The first skin created for the Rift's Aliens. The runner have a red skin, with dark gray details. Its the 1st alien of the Rift's Aliens pack

It is part of of the Hellrifts Skin Pack. You can download the Full skin pack for all the Rift's aliens

How to Install

1) Make a folder called "CUSTOM" Under your avp2 directory

2) Unzip the .REZ file to that "CUSTOM" folder

3) Start avp2 or avp2 Primal Hunt and go under options

4) Click the "always specify these command-line parameters" and add this to the command line:

' -rez custom/riftrunner.REZ '


1)DO NOT Redistribute this skin claiming to be your creation.

2)Do not Use this skin on your mods. If you wish to use it,please send me an email.

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Download 'riftrunner.zip' (2.11MB)

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