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Release date: 07-03-2008

Rommie's server-side application v2.0

1* added flares option to weapon ban system, bye losers spamers in allweapons mode with flares.

2* added afk command support to OVERRUN.

3* for life cycle servers, add AntiWormKill= option to Rommie_Settings.txt - this add "spawn" protection for chestburster.

4* kill command and genocide command now CAN kill clients in spawn protection.

5* Added command setmotd , with this command you CAN change text in MOTD lines in game example setmotd 4 Hallo world! change MOTD line 4 to "Hallo world!". this will be saved to next server RESTART (restart application, no map) ( setmotd 5 TEXT change your JOINER ALERT TEXT)

6* Added AutoAfkPlayers= to setting file + add command autoafk for toggle if this option is active, players who is AFK and stay in spawn point, in second of automaticial lost spawn protection (TDM and DM after 60 seconds other game modes 30 seconds) joins to AFK mode.

7* A* to weapon ban system added option MediComp this can toggle predator medicomp device. B* to weapon ban system added option CloakDevice this can toggle predator Cloaking device. C* to weapon ban system added option EnergySift this can toggle predator Energy sSifting device.

8* ALL logs optimized for multiple servers use (more server on one machine) saved old log names but added port number to name, example: NameChnageLog(27888).txt, AutoBanLog(27878).txt etc..

9* functions inside mod optimized, too many functions collecting to one larger case functions. (better performance, lower memory use).

10* changed spawn protection settings, if is active AUTO AFK, spawn protection has 60 seconds, after this time player automaticially join to afk mode (TDM and DM only) if is AUTO AFK function INACTIVE (0) spawn protection has Rommie's standart - 600 seconds.

11* old game limitation for max 32 maps on server are removed, new limit is 128 maps in list. you can run too many maps from umps...

12* now.. if you try fire from banned weapons, fire from spawn protection or fire restricted nade, you receive red message about this restriction..

13* several admins feedback me any problem with anti god mode code.. hm, probably are caused with any custom maps with ai? i cant understand but,, in Rommie_Settings are added AntiGodMode= for set up this turn OFF (0) or ON (1).

14* ALLWEAPONS mode are compattible with WEAPON BAN SYSTEM.

15* HA, next stolen idea :D :D kruych's mod use blocks packets for IP adresses in banlist, if you use RommieAvP2Serv.exe and IPBANLIST.txt client who is BANNED, CAN NOT SEE YOUR SERVER IN ANY SERVER LISTS (tested in game, gamespy, xfire and HLSW)

16* Added command refreshbanlists this command cause inmedially refresh ipban lists (ipban and global ban) in server app and mod.

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Mod has several README files this is list of new commands in game then original avp2 server

//commands with description - Rommie's mod v2.0//

sc #
take server control (all 3 levels) <serv> sc Your_Psw

toggle alien life cycle (need map restart)

qm #
change needed kils for mutate to queen (need map restart)

xs #
change number of respawned exoskeletons in map (need map restart)

toggle Pred Mask lost option (need map restart)

toggle FRIENDLY FIRE (need map restart)

toggle show pop-up names (need map restart)

toggle location damage (need map restart)

toggle class weapons sets (need map restart)

nk #
kick different client (example: "<serv> nk 5") , #=ClientID

switch level to PREVIOUS map

switch level to NEXT map

restart actual map

if is ID in names not show correctly (ID-NAME) use this command

show map list with maps IDs

set next level by ID (from SM) - you like map ID4 use "<serv> nmid 4"

toggle admin-peep

grenade ban system (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt)

grenade ban system (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt)

weapon ban system (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt) !!"<serv> wban ON/OFF" toggle weapon and grenade ban system!!

weapon ban system (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt)

character ban system (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt) !!"<serv> chban ON/OFF" toggle character ban system !!

character ban system (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt)

rs #
reset different client score and frags to 0 (example: "<serv> rs 5" for restart ID5)

release your server control (lost star)

gsc #
give server control to different client - for lvl3 admin only (example: "<serv> gsc 7" for give SC to ID7)

om #
put player to standart observe mode (if client if afk, brb...) - MAY release self with press >RESPAWN< (example: "<serv> om 9")

fom #
put player to FORCE observe mode (without >RESPAWN< button on screen - NEED admin asistance for release) - (example: "<serv> fom 3")ยจ
 *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!*****

toggle joiners to FOM

loser #
rename player to >LOSER<, put him to FOM, mute him and class lock him (example: "<serv> loser 6")
 *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!*****

gay #
some with loser command only rename player to IamGAYboy (example: "<serv> gay 3")
 *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!*****

toggle MUTE/UNMUTE all player on server (except admin)

toggle override species lock (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt)

toggle ALLWEAPONS mode (more in 2-MainFunctions.txt)

ls #
lock server with different psw (example: "<serv> lc moon" lock server with psw moon) for unlock use <serv> ls

kill #
kill a different player (example: "<serv> kill 8")

rename # NewName
rename different player (example "<serv> rename 12 DumbAss" for rename ID 12 to DumbAss)

sch # CharacterName
switch client character to another (example: "<serv> sch 14 dunya" - see character names in "<serv> chhelp")
if you have active OSL is possible switch player to whatever other char in game - by ID (123 - ball, 124 - super queen...)

genocide #
kill different specie - Aliens, Predators Marines, Corporates, All (example: "<serv> genocide all")

show you list of commands

stfu #
MUTE / UNMUTE different player (example: "<serv> stfu 8")
 *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!*****

cl #
class LOCK/UNLOCK for different player (example: "<serv> cl 8")
 *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!*****

this command restart all clients and species score, kills.. to 0

show 5 lines with info about server.

pcm # text
send private message to different player (example: "<serv> pcm 3 Hallo how are you?")

show you private message(s) with banned weapons, nades and character

put/release you to/from AFK mode
 *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!*****

send all 5 MOTD line NOW

toggle <name> command

max # *
set max Aliens/Predators/Marines/Corporates to value 0-16 (example: "<serv> max marines 2") (need map restart)

toggle force cloacking OFF if predator fire from speargun (anti camp)

ban #
ban different client

toggle friendly fire (NOT map restart need ;))

switch all players to QUEEN

gamemode #
switch game mode (now only TDM and DM) (example: "<serv> gamemode TDM") (need map restart)

shp #
show you private message with HP/maxHP, shield/maxshield of different player, if player use GOD mode, is auto kicked/banned

Toggles whether players can only select characters while in spawn mode ONLY or not

Toggle MELEE mode, players take all weapons and is loaded special weapon ban system profile for MELEE
only KNIFE, PISTOL, SHOTGUN, FLAMETHOWER, WRISTBLADES and COMBISTICK work, other weapons is banned (alien stun banned in MELEE)

speak #
allow to admin speaking like a Dedicated server - example: <serv> speak Hallo lamerz! send to chat yellow message from
dedicated server : Hallo lamerz!

enable/disable bounce fire.

toggle stricker ammo and character checking.

If is IDsInNames disabled, server controller can see IDs if send this command (server send you back messages with ID and names)

(toggle show IDs in names)

(show mod version and status of stricker ammo / character system)

(experimental command, put all clients to GOD mode and STUN - game paused) - TOGGLE

setmotd # #
(this command can change MOTD in lines, <serv> setmotd LineID(1-4 is MOTD, 5 is JOINER ALERT) TEXT)

(this command toggle auto afking option)

(this command send to server app request for refresh inside banlists)

<serv> afk
<serv> bans
<serv> pcm # text
<serv> sinfo
<serv> showid
<serv> mver

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