Rommie's server-side application



is only stolen every idea from original Rommie's mod).ORIGINAL Rommie's functions (another mod with this function is FAKE and COPY nothing else):*Weapon Ban System concept with spawn control of inventory*Auto ban hackers for: fly hack, wallwalk hack, ammo hack, speed hack, name hacks and other detecteable.*ANTI-GOD mode code.*JOINER alert in mod (its stolen by lithfaq to use on his application.. without mine aggre)*Deep code optimalization, for best modification performance on today servers (support 64bit platform, running under Windows 2003, 2008, 7, Vista, XP, 98)*TRUE 100 fps server (not just changed one value like in lithfaq server, deep rebuilded code of dedicated server app)*NameChangeLogs, guidlogs, iplogs, Rommie_log, debug logs...*char ban system*ammo ban system*protection againist fake player attack, secure attack (patch by luigi & LamePatcher)too much another functions..just.. use originality and performance, and not heavily modified stolen source codes with shitty functions.==BTW, final BETA release, Release Candidate 15 (pre-reease of final version)


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