ScapeGoat Xenomorph

Reskin of the runner class. A second version is promised.


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Reskin of the runner class. A second version is promised.

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Avp2 Modification: AL(I)EN

ModName:ScapeGoat Xenomorph
Author: Sepher
ModType: Reskin of the Runner class for Avp2.
Email: [email protected]

Discription: Hey guys, seph again. Well ive wanted to reskin the bugs for a while now, and here is my first draft of the 'ScapeGoat' Xenomorph. 

List of changes:
Claws and Tail and Jaws have been reskinned to match the skin.

Overall all of the things(including upcoming skins) changed are changed  to meet that pred reskin's personality and such.

Installation: Extract to your avP2 base, and in the commandline parimiters put  -rez ScapeGoat

Final Notes: Ive been wanting to do the scape goat for a while, so this is cool.
Remember tho that there will be a 2nd version. below is a fan fiction readout for anyone who is curious about the class's info.

ScapeGoat Xenomorph Status Readout:
The Scapegoat is a mild form of xenomorph, similer to human babys born with cromosomes Lower then average, resulting in a case of 'Down Syndrome'. Like wise with this type of xenomorph, it has shown emotions in almost all areas similer to a person with a mental disability. Dispite all of these facts, it seems as if the ScapeGoat is more human then the rest of the species. Nevertheless the scapegoat breed is very hostile. 
Hive extraction teams have encountered the scapegoat breed everywhere, within the hive, and even in urban colony areas. We have never tended to get one under contained care, because of the fact that when captured they purge or kill themselves. The only conclusion that we know of is that the ScapeGoat breed is a 'Vagabond' of the hive.

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