Sniper Virus

A basic skin for the AVP 2 Game.


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A basic skin for the AVP 2 Game.

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By Mistress Xena. A basic skin.
For more informaton or request of making a skin, contact me at,
[email protected]

Put this .REZ file in a folder (you have to make it) named Custom in your installed Aliens Vs Predator 2 DIR. When the AVP2 autorun comes up, click on the OPTIONS button. In the COMMAND LINE box, type this exactly as is: -rez custom/sniper_virus.REZ
Then check the ALWAYS SPECIFY THESE COMMAND-LINE PARAMETERS if you want. All it does is make this skin always show up in the game so you don't have to keep on typing in this command-line everytime you play AVP2.

Please do not copy and credit yourself with this skin, or please don't build on from this skin either.

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