Stranded Redux

This map-pack is a reinterpretation of AvP's original Stranded map recreated for use with Aliens vs. Predator 2.

The accompanying Strand...


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This map-pack is a reinterpretation of AvP's original Stranded map recreated for use with Aliens vs. Predator 2.

The accompanying Stranded_Redux.rez file contains two Skirmish maps, one for Predator (SKP_Stranded_Redux) and another for Marine (SKM_Stranded_Redux) for Single Player purposes against an endless torrent of unmerciful Alien AI. You will find yourself fighting against: Chestbursters, Drones, Runners, Predaliens and Praetorians. Face Huggers are optional opponents (see Below).

Also included in this map pack is a Multiplayer map for DM\TDM purposes. Multiplayer Co-Op version against the AI has NOT been included.

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Stranded Redux  - (Stranded Redo) - Version 1.0

While much of the appearance of the map is completely altered from its original incarnation, the general layout is an exact duplication of paths familiar to AvP fans who have played the original Stranded map.  However, the presentation greatly differs due to the advantages of the enhanced capabilities that the LithTech Talon engine has to offer.  Fact is, this version of Stranded makes the original map look like a poor DooM clone by comparison.

It is possible to spawn a Face Hugger in the Single Player Skirmish maps.  If you want one chasing after you (for those sorry masochistic individualss who relish the idea).  You can do this by picking up the Flame Thrower that can be found atop of the crashed Emergency Escape Vehicle at the start of the map (Marine); or by picking up the Mask (Predator) found on the Spider Building roof.  For some sick and twisted reasom, there are people who like having these Xenomorph larvae chasing after them - other people (sensible types, like Me) hate the slimy little bastards and think that they spoil a good Skirmish experience.  Anyway, by setting the game up this way, you can customise the game to include Face Huggers; or not to have any present at all.  Suit your preferred style by choosing to pick up/ignore these 'booby-trapped' items.  

All Weapons for both species are included in their appropriate maps.

The Skirmish maps have been set up to use AvP2's Single Player and not Multiplayer mode.  My reasons for choosing SP are: 

1).  Bugs are not super tough and take realistic damage in Single Player.  AI Aliens in Multiplayer games tend to be ridiculously pumped up in strength and require serious hammering just to bring down a single Bug.  Expect to be confronted with MULTIPLE aggressors in Stranded_Redux.  Uber tough MP Bugs would render the map unplayable under these conditions.

2).  It is easier for a Mapper to customise which default weapons and pick up items the player starts with.  For example: Marine starts without the Pistol; and Predator starts with Combistick instead of PlasmaCaster in Stranded Redux.  Don't fret about missing out on these items - you can still pick 'em up during the course of exploring the map. 

3).  There's no need to drop back to the Loading screen when you die, with multiple button presses to restart the map in Single Player mode.  Use your 'Quick Save' and 'Quick Load' keys constructively for respawning without exiting the game.  As soon as you spawn into the map, Quick Save.  This provides you with an instant Skirmish respawning point at the press of a key once you bite the dust.  Of course, you can use this technique at any point of gameplay (This is a Singlelayer map, remember); but it is recommended using it once at the start of the map for a sufficent and solid Skirmish experience, as intended.  In the end, however, the choice is up to you - and I like to provide people with choices.  ;)

4).  The AI causes Multiplayer games to crash to the desktop.  Unfortunately, this renders Co-Op unavailable with this release.  WAAAAAAAAH!  :(  

There is, however, a DM\TDM map included in the map pack for Multiplayer purposes with no AI present.

I have included the original .ed map file from which this map was based.  This is not the .ed for Stranded Redux, but rather, the original third party DEdit source file upon which the map was built.  For those of you who are familiar with DEdit, I suggest having a go at creating your own AvP2 interpretation of Stranded; and you'll then appreciate how much work went into this version.

Some people may be familiar with this map as work in progress using a different identity.  The original working title of this map was 'StranDEdit', which I deemed too contrived and cumbersome.  So, I decided to drop it for the more favourable and exotic sounding 'Stranded Redux'.


Title                   : Stranded Redux
Version                 : 1.0
Release Date            : November, 2002
Type			: Marine and Predator Single Player/Skirmish
Author               	: Phil 'Windebieste' Wlodarczyk
Email Address           : windebieste AT planetavp DOT com
Other Levels by Author  : DM_Ruinous, An AvP2 Multiplayer map.
			  Gladiator, An AvP2 Predator Skirmish map.
			  SK_Ruinous, Modified version of DM_Ruinous for Single Player Marine Skirmish.
			  SK_A_Loners_Fate, Modified version of Monolith's 'A Lesser Fate' for Single Player Marine Skirmish.
Game                    : Aliens vs. Predator 2
Single Player           : Yes, Predator and Marine.
Difficulty Settings     : Well, sort of.  You can add AI Face Huggers, which does make the map more challenging, if you wish. 			  There is also another way of increasing the number of Bugs (Drones and Runners) appearing in the 			  map.  I am sure that you will figure it out if you play the map long enough.  =)
Multiplayer		: Yes.
New Sounds              : Yes.  New music has been added.  You will have to locate the appropriate switch to turn it on from 			  within the map in order to appreciate it.  Read: TheSaints.txt for more info.  The music has been 			  omitted from the MP map.
New Textures            : Yes, graffiti (signature and date) added to one wall - as always.  Custom Background graphics added 			  to 'Custom Levels' loading Menu and Multiplayer 'LOADING' screen.
Included Files		: Stranded_Redux_V1_0.txt - This readme file.
			  TheSaints.txt - Notes on music used for this map pack.
			  Stranded_Redux.rez - Game data.
			  STRANDED1a.ed - Original raw, uncompiled map file.

Editor Used             : DEdit.
			  Easy CD Creator Sound Editor
Base                    : *Heavily Modified original Stranded.ed file provided by Scythewraith.
			  *Stormy sky elements imported from the Marine Single Player sample that comes with DEdit.  Gotta 			  love prefabs when used right.
Construction Time       : About 50+ hours - don't really know how many.  I don't keep a log.
Processing Time         : Approx 6 - 7 Minutes for each map.
Known Bugs		: * I found that the game crashed out regularly when these Skirmish maps were played in 				  Multiplayer.  A Runtime Error is created by the AI and the game drops back to the desktop.  Sorry 			  'bout that. As a result, there is no Co-Op version in this release.  Maybe later.  Maybe not.  			  Dunno yet.
			  * Had to Block off some of the Spider Building windows so that Simple AI Aliens could climb (follow 			  the player) onto the roof.  Despite this, Predaliens and Praetorians still have trouble accessing 			  the Spider Building roof.  The modified architecture does make the Building more claustrophobic, 			  anyway, which does suit the map and gameplay.
			  * The bounding areas on vegetation can be dangerous to your health.  Attempting to fire Pulse 			  Grenades or other high explosives through long grass can result in unwanted - and potentially 			  lethel - explosions right in front of your face.  Would really like to know how to rectify this 			  one...  It is a real pain in the butt.

Make sure you have the latest updated version of AvP2 installed on your Machine, which is currently:

Place the Stranded_Redux.rez file in your c:\AliensVsPredator2\Custom folder.  You may need to create a 'Custom' folder first if this is the first Custom map you have installed for AvP2.

Start the game as normal; and in the Game Launcher's Main Menu select 'Options'.  

Enter (cut & paste, if you like) into the 'Command-Line' field:

-rez custom\stranded_redux.rez

Return to the Game Launcher's Main Menu and select: 'Play'.  The game will then start with new map components loaded.  

Then select: 'Single Player' ->  'Custom Levels' ->  'Worlds\Custom\SKP_STRANDED_REDUX' or 'SKM_STRANDED_REDUX'.

The Multiplayer version can be loaded from the 'Maps' area within the Multiplayer options

Revision History:

Version 1.0:
	* First playable Version 1.0,  Released November, 2002.

My Thanks Goes to These People:  

Thanx, Scythewraith, for creating the original raw .ed file upon which this map is built.  I wouldn't even have bothered getting started on this project without your significant contribution, Scy.
Thanx, Groden for helping me out with sound recording and play testing.
Thanx, Rebellion for creating the original map for Aliens vs. Predator.  The original Stranded was a blast!!!
Thanx, Monolith for creating Aliens vs. Predator 2; and then giving us the tools so that we could make it even better!  ;)

Copyright / Permissions
Stranded_Redux is copyright, Windebieste.  November, 2002.

Other Authors may use the included stranded.ed file as a base to build additional levels. It may be modified in any way.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit Stranded Redux, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold without my written permission.

You MAY distribute this level and associated files included with it through an electronic network as long as the .zip file contents remain complete and unchanged.




Why do I gotta be the only peep to make these Skirmish maps all by my li'l ol' lonesome self..?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh..?  

Monolith shoulda included some HOT Skirmish maps in Aliens vs. Predator 2's original release...  (Hey, it's still not too late for them guys to do somethin' 'bout that, y'know...  Hey you!  Monolith fellas!  Add some slimy AI Bugs and Triggers to those DM maps, Boys, and release 'em as an official Monolith Single Player Skirmish map pack...)  Jeez.  How simple is that?

Pah!  They'll NEVER listen to me...  GRRRRR!!!  

Enough talk from me.  Yeah, I know.  This readme file grew a bit longer than necessary.  My apologies - it gets written while I wait for the map to be processed...  Besides, some people read all of this nonsense and actually enjoy it.

Aw, Man.  Just go and play the frickin' map, OK?

It is good.  

You !WILL! like it...  

Please.  Do let me know what you think of it.  =)


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