Survival AvP2 campaign Teaser



humans found lv1201, set up a colony base to explore the new planet, found something in caves, wy takes over the situation; a secret facility is created, experiements go on.

the scientist find and extract the queen from deep in the hive , with heavy losses, marines are called in for a rescue the remaining vip survivors, 3 head scientists. Meanwhile an unknown ship has recently crashed into the planet not far away.

Your job, along with a marine team is to arrive at the poc secret facility ; gather intel; and retract the cacooned survivors; not knowing what to expect...

thanks to everyone at the planet avp editing forum. This campaign is for them and all who contributed to custom avp sp maps, i enjoyed all of them.




Avp2 Singleplayer Compaign Teaser Video Preview

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This should be complete in a month or so depending on how much time i get to work on it!
Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year 2006


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