This map has been released due to popular demand and to replace "homegrown" versions which took the overrun version and turned it into DM....


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This map has been released due to popular demand and to replace "homegrown" versions which took the overrun version and turned it into DM. As mentioned in the original readme file, the evac or overrun versions would not work properly in DM mode (for example, there is only one spawn point that works in DM). In addition, the pickups are not distributed properly for a good deathmatch level.

This version of the map has the same layout as the evac/overrun maps. The only difference is the spawn points have been changed to DM mode and spread throughout the map and the pickups have been redistributed (the marine ammo stations have been eliminated). I've attempted to place the spawn points in a mannor which will minimize "spawn killing" by placing them where it is not easy to see the spawning entity (unless you camp there). In addition, I've re-distributed the pickups to better fit a DM game.

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Download 'dm_terraform.zip' (2.39MB)

*** This is an addendum to the Terraform Readme File...please refer to that file for additional info ***

Title: Terraform
Dat Filename: dm_terraform
Author: Dutch[K] (hawver AT charter DOT net)
Description: AVP2 Level
Game Type: DM; TDM; Hunt; Survivor
Recommended Number of Players: 8-16


Unzip the Terraform DM zip file into your main Aliens vs. Predator 2 folder.
It should create all the proper folders (if necessary) and place the dat file in the dm folder.

You must also add the following to the command line (this must be done each time unless you 
check the always use box): 
-rez maps

The command line can be accessed by choosing the 'options' button on 
the launcher (the small brown box which comes on before the game starts).

If you have problems with the extraction, you can do it manually:

The dm dat file needs to be placed in folders in your AVP2 directory as follows:
c:\program files\aliens versus predator 2\maps\worlds\multi\dm. 

These assume you installed AVP2 in the default location. Some of these folders may 
need to be created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The queen can fit in most areas except the vents. If you spawn there due to 
a queen molting option, DO NOT TRY TO USE THE LADDERS IN THE VENTS or you will get stuck. 
You can exit the vents at all wall vent openings and some of the drop thrus. Also, 
you may see an 'ice skating' effect as you move in the vents (where you slide). This 
will stop once you exit the vents...these issues are similar to the situation in 
the 'Alley' map if you've used the queen there.

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