Time Raiders Modification



Hi everyone! This is a pretty old mod (2006/2007) it may need a bit more work, but i think i ironed out most of the "heavy" bugs. It shares some stuff with my first publishied MOD (A Raider's Tale) for Primal Hunt, but you can revise more info through the readme file.

I also had an hard time by translating it form the italian to english, so, don't slaught me if it doesn't shine for grammarsyntax.

If you are really interested into TOTAL OVERHAUL MODS, this one may be a good one ;-)




--------About this MOD-----------
Name: Time Raiders
Author: FBV86
Type: Aracade (both S.P and M.P.)

There are pretty cool weapons in this MOD, if you don't want to screw the SURPRISE factor, i suggest to skip the Weapon section.
You can also leave the Training Messages on, so you may be able to read about the new weapons and new features in real-time while you play a mission.

Some features and references in this MOD cannot be fully appreciated or understanded if you haven't played yet my Primal Hunt "A Raider's Tale" MOD.
...you may not fully understand this readme file too, if you haven't played yet the "A Raider's Tale" MOD (ok, just kidding now)

//Intro & Got to know stuff//

Alright fellas!! FBV86 brought you a new, shiny MOD.
AVP2 Time Raiders is a sequel to the Primal Hunt A Raider's Tale MOD, but its more like an ARCADE-TYPE MOD, so, forget about realistic physichs and related stuff...
This is bound to be a Single player MOD, but Multi player is playable and enjoyable too, here's a quicklist of involved changes...
- New butes.
- New sounds.
- New Graphics (HUDs Skins etc...)
- New Fx effects.
- Modded original arsenal (lol that rymes)
- Shared character skins with my previous MOD, some of them has been tweakd.
- Tweaked Ai for a more challenging Single Player experience.
- Hoomans can throw handgrenades instead of flares.
- Exosuit has its own sounds now, you won't hear male voice if you use it as Dunya or Jhonson.
- MP class weapon toggle is now setted to give the full-arsenal control to every human and predator character.
  ( this may hardly disadvantage novice alien players, so use it fairly)

Since this is an EXPERIMENTAL MOD, there are some wierd glitches in...here's the known ones...
- Pred's ENERGY SIFTER cannot be activated if you use the mpmorph cheat in Marine's or Alien's levels (but if you play fair, this isn't even bound to happen)
- As a predator, you need to recharge your energy field every time you start a new mission, but if you play mission sequentially, you doesn't need to do this.
- When you play as Predator, you may need to land multiple headshots on syntetics with your PRED STINGER in order to kill them.
- Character animation in Single Player may go crazy after hosting or joining a M.P. session. (this happens in every MOD with additional characters for the M.P.)
- Flame burst FX does not work in the "ABDUCTION" cinematic, the emepress will scream though.
- Some features still need improvements, there may be a further release wich fixes them...

As in the sequel, i used Acidglow's predalien sounds under his permission.
All other soundsskins has been done by myself or rippedinspired directly from the movies, any resomiliance with other people work is purely random.
If you want to use any component of this MOD for your own, even for public use, feel free to, just give me credit in your README file.

//////////////////////////////////////////NEW AI CHARACHTERS///////////////////////////////////////////


-Ancient Drone
The Ancient Drone was created for the Primal Hunt "A Raider's Tale" MOD, now he's back as the main offensive character in the alien story.
This guy is available for the AI, and for the Multiplayer too.

The Ex Drones were created to replace the Simple_AI Runners, coz i think it's much cooler to fight 3 different kind of Drones and 1 of Runner than 2 for each species.
They are fast as regular drones, but slightly weak.
This class of drone is not playable in M.P. (for the same reason mentioned on PH_RT MOD)

This is the Simple_AI Drone, it appeared in the A Raider's Tale MOD as well.
This class of drone is also playable in M.P.

-Ultra Predalien
The Ultra Predalien is now an AI opponent, though you will meet this guy once time in the game, you'll get some serious challenge to defeat him....erm...them....yeah...you know...why i said "them"....

The Predalien sports a slight part in AVP2 as a AI character...besides this, he still a fearsome opponent as a M.P. character.


-Main Changes (overall)
Not much changed from the sequel: aliens still possess their own characteristics, but now their physical control is more ARCADE-LIKE (Quake 3 Arena/Serious Sam). 
Now Praetorians can wall-walk.


Still unchanged form the sequel, they can be hardly spotted by predators whom uses the electro-vision, and they can regain more health than other aliens.

Sports a different skin, a lot more saturated, in this sequel he's TOTALLY invisible to the EM Vision.

-Ultra Predalien
Unchanged, same as the Predalien.


//Human Weapons//

-Commando Knife
New Skin, tweaked animations: now swings faster.

-MAG Concept '07 (Pistol)
This prototype can shoot anti-personnel 45mm rounds or explosive anti-vehichle 45mm rounds, sports a new skin and fixed animations too. 

-BioGun (Shotgun)
This Bio Gun has new skin and effect FX, it can handle two types of BioMud, Toxic and Corrosive, each kind of BioMud has its pros and drawbacks...try 'em.

-Lazer Rifle (Pulse Rifle)
Assuming the Pulse Rifle was not spectacular, the USCM developed this Laser Rifle, it combines cool light effects with the auto-tracking feature seen on the Smartguns.
New skin, sounds, and FX's included.

-Grenade Launcher (?!)
Uhm...nothin' exceptional here, just new skin, and sounds...and few new explosives ;-)

-Flame Thrower (WTF??)
Same as GL..but it has new FX's and animations too.

-Prism Gun (Smartgun)
This thing can generate high-temperature-light-beams (LOLZ) wich can stop "cold" most of the living beings in a single shot...sports new sounds, skin and FX's as well. 

-Sturm SADAR (S.A.D.A.R.)
This ripped tank turret can pack some serious damage in a huge blast radius, can fire chemical-smoke greandes too wich will cover you from enemy sight for a short while.
Sports awesome skin, sounds and FX's.

-Plasma Cannon (Minigun)
Basically the SHOW-OFF version of a standard Minigun, it has new skin, new sounds, new FX's, but that's all.
Shares the same ammunition reserve with the Plasma Rifle.

-Plasma Rifle (Railgun [Wich in my opinion was not a real Railgun but a Sniper Rifle])
Basically the SHOW-OFF version of a standard Railgun, it has new skin, new sounds, new FX's, but that's all.
Shares the same ammunition reserve with the Plasma Cannon.

//Predator weapons//

-Meele Changes (overall)
Attack range has been increased a bit (War Blades) (VooDoo Sword).

-War Blades (Wristblades)
These enlarged Wristblades are way more reliable in meele fighting, you can sport some new combos by holding the secondary attack button.
Featuring also new skin, sounds and FX's.

-VooDoo Sword (Combistick)
The VooDoo Sword can perform a fancy "Life Leech" attack, just press the secondary button attack, hold it to unleash the most brutal meele attack in this MOD.
Obiviously, the Life Leech attack won't affect Aliens or Synthetics.
Featuring also new skin, sounds and FX's. 

-Pred Stinger (Speargun)
With an increased fire frequence, this Stinger can nail a enemy in no time, basically the same as the Speargun, just faster and brutal.
New skin, sounds, and FX's included. 

-Plasmacaster (??? again ???)
Well, again, there goes a weapon, without major changes, but has such cool FX's and awesome power.

-Disc (ARRRGH!!!)
Yeah, yeah...some people out there thinks the Disc is an easy weapon to MOD eh?
You should just be glad i gave it new skin and FX's.

-6 Pipe (Net Gun)
A very messy weapon, outdoor use only, check out the all new skin, sounds and FX's while you blast some alien asses.

-Aurora Bombs (Hot Bombs)
Maaan! A very sick piece of BLAST!! These bombs are the most devastating thing in the whole MOD, watch out for the huge-ass blast radius and wear sunglasses on.
New skin, sounds, and FX's included.

-Pred 357 (Pred Pistol)
Hm...this comes from Predator 2 movie, now i remeber the Elder Predator drop this gun to Harrigan, so what if Preddies can handle Human weapons too??
Of course it uses the standard Pred Pistol model, i'm not a modeler, but sports a new skin, sounds and FX's.

-Pentagram of Rage (Energysift)
Ok, i refuse to give information about this crazy thing wich came out without being scheduled...don't ask me how this "Pentagram of Rage" works, just carry on and on.

//Alien Attacks//

-Meele Changes (overall)
Fixed in reason to Pred's meele attacks.

-Predalien Claws
Same as in the sequel.

-Tail (drone, predalien and runner)
Same as in the sequel.

-Tail (Queen and Praetorian)
Same as in the sequel.

-Pounce (overall)
Same as in the sequel.

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