An underwater map designed for play only as alien or predator.


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An underwater map designed for play only as alien or predator.

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Download 'mp_undergroundwatermines_v1.rar' (1.28MB)

UnderGroundWaterMines v1 5-29-2006
Created by Dark Shadow

Anybody up for a lil swim in the mines...Anybody?
This map i made is a Predator and Alien map only no Humans sry.You can try and see if you can be human and get into the map but i dont think you will be able to.Anyway UndergroundWaterMines is a flooded medium size map for the 2 species to play in. 

Its for dm and tdm only. Predator ammo boxes are in red and the weapons are in brown and there are 2 next to each other where ever you find one.I made things a lil easy for the players cause i know it gets boring runing around the map trying to get your favorite weapon and die before you even get a chance to use it.I also put some good details in the lights and the water and have added some good sound fx in the map so its a great inviroment to be in when your in the mines not outside

Error problems:
The only error problems in this map wont effect the characters and game play. Its the level texures that i made as fake doors. They look invisible from far but when you approach them they become visible.

Well this map is a dat file so you know what that means.
(1)make the following folders i nthe avp2 directory.
Maps,Worlds,Multi and dm.
(2)put the dm folder in the multi folder then put the multi folder in the worlds folder then put the worlds folder in the maps folder then start up avp2.
(3)in the rez field put this -rez Maps 


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